Friday, February 17, 2012

Super HIGH Five for Fridayyyyy!!

Celebrating today with nothing but pure love. Today marks the anniversary of eternal life for a dearly beloved aunt of mine who was the strongest and funniest of our Pa'ala family, my Aunty Fa'apusa. Which calls for a HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY HEYYYYYY!!!

Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, here are the five most FAVE things of this past week I have to share with you all!

1. When's the last time you had an actual address book?! With wedding invites coming up, I've had to rally up some addy's and it's far easier on paper vs. typing them in my iPhone.

2. Thanks to Pinterest, I made my man this fantab Vday gift, spending NO money (our intentions of saving for the wedding)

3. We found the time to get dolled up and take some pics (hallelujah for the self-timer on the camera)... more pics posted here!

4. Boss-man gave us all Vday candy leis... too sweet!!

5. I received the most amazing uplift I could this week... the Liebster Blog Award (thanks to Simone at Busy as a Honey Bee)!!

What are your top five from this past week?? Link up with Lauren!!



melanie said...

your gift for him is ADORABLE! love it.

Beverly said...

Thanks girlie... first thing (after thank you), he asked "are those my cards??" LOL Xoxo

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Looks like you had a great week and congrats on the award! Have a fantastic weekend!

jami lynn said...

Love that address book, and what a great gift for your fiance! Makes me think maybe I should have been a bit more creative with my gift. You took those pictures using a self-timer? I would have never known, they look great!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

You have the cutest handwriting! I love it :)
And congrats on the award sweet girl!

Happy weekend!

Molly said...

That picture is adorable, and I can't believe it was taken with the self-timer. It looks really good. We used google docs for all our addresses and it went pretty well, but I think having them all written down might have been helpful too.
Happy Weekend!

Beverly said...

Thanks Liz!! My week was surely superb, and even better that it's FRIDAY!! Xo

Beverly said...

Yes girlie... a self-timer sitting on a post while he ran up to the spot I was standing at! LOL

Beverly said...

I super duper WISH that was my handwriting :/ It's font... printed... and my hands typed it... that's where it ended with my talent :)

Happy Friday heyyyyyyyy!!!!

Beverly said...

Google docs?! Didn't think of that one. There's something about having note, addresses, numbers, anything written... it was actually fun writing them down and getting some hand writing practice (since everything is done on the computer now!).

Happy Fridayyyyyyyy :)

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