Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Ceremony

Hi Friends! Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday on our pre-ceremony pictures. I'm glad we were able to capture how much fun we really did have during that time in Maui! Moving on with my wedding series, here are the actual ceremony pictures! Grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the ride!!

Fave flower, Plumerias in the flower girl basket

Now all I have left to share with you all are the reception photos! Thanks for your sweetness throughout my bazillion Maui pictures! I just want to re-live those happy moments with you all every second I am able to!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pre-Ceremony Wedding Pics

Happy Monday Funday!! My weekend was full of family, laughter, and hiking... and a wedding! I'm say that it's Monday already because that means departure day, but the great news is I'll be going home for a family reunion in about 2 weeks. So I don't have to say goodbye... but instead SEE YA' LATER!

Anyhoots, I promised you guys wedding pictures this week, so it's wedding pictures you get!! Today, I'm sharing the pre-ceremony shots! I think you'll appreciate that I won't be explaining anything... it's all for your vieweing pleasures!

Ceremony Location

Reception Tents

Dad and Mark

Paul and Mark (Brother)

Hans, Mark, and Mike (Brothers)

Aunty One (in the midst of running around!), Mark, and Lahela (my musician!)

Paying respect to my loved ones are no longer here with us (grandparents & Mark's Dad)


My 2 MOH's and my Matron of Honor

My flower girl, Kyndra

My ring bearer, Tyson


Step-mom, Tina

MIL, Mae

Aunty Flo who made our beautiful arrangements

Brother PJ and his BFF Mark


Last but certainly not least, my LLL's of the week!

I love that my family visited this weekend, and we hiked each and every day they stayed!

I learned that it's super duper important to stay up to date with your medical and dental appointments, or else you'll be playing catch up like my hubs and I have been for the past few weeks and ongoing next month or so!

I laughed like no other listening to my little cousins, Tyson and Kyndra talk story about their lives and how busy they are! Kids are GREAT and makes me miss em' so much more!
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