Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's get Physical... Physical!

Happy Thursday Folks!! One day away from Friday, and one day from another shot at seeing the Vow yet again... I've given that movie two weeks now to show itself to the entire town, so there BESTA be seats and good ones!

Anyhoots, I thought I'd use this Free Fallin' Thursday to talk about something that has been a part of my life for a very long time. If I don't have a daily dosage of this, my positive attitude isn't as sky high, tired hits me to the tenth degree, and I feel incomplete! The must have that I crave for each and every day is my EXERCISE!!! That's right... the beads of sweat that roll down my face (and trust... sweat is fat crying, and my fat is a super sensitive cry baby!!!) makes my day sooo much better, and I don't feel as anxious and stressed about work and/or school.

I was one of those kids who HATED running in PE.... but I loved the fun stuff! Playing softball, roller blading, playing volleyball, bike riding... I was loving life while having fun being young (and still do!). As long as it wasn't labeled "exercise" it was all to the good for me! Then as I got older, and didn't have time for the fun stuff (this thing called reality slapped me in the face and I had to be on the grind with school and work), I had to find a supplement for the physical activity I was getting playing softball or riding bikes.

Which led me to the golden ticket to the good ol' gym... 24 hour fitness!! Love that gym, and the membership I had was oooooberly cheap (talking bout $20 a month)... and I was able to go to ANY 24 hour fitness facility I wanted to! BOOOM... no excuses!! I was diggin' the ENDLESS machines they had, the fancy rock climbing they offered, the single treadmill in a plastic box that had dreadfully hot temperatures, the fun step and cycling classes, the sauna and pool to dip into after you sweat your but off... and so much more!

THEN... the unthinkable happened. I moved to Oregon with the fiancé, and the closest (I think only) 24 hour fitness is in Portland... a 2 hour drive!! It was time to sadly break up with this cheap-OH membership I had at 24 hour fitness after 7 years :(

After settling into Oregon the first few months, I found myself in desperate need to release the tension I had from being home sick and from school being at it's peak! I was doing my old taebo workouts from home... then that got boring and repetitive, so I moved on to repeat a few rounds of P90X... then my dogs got in my way and it wasn't so stress-relieving to work out at home. What to do... what to do....

I searched online for gym memberships in this small town (super duper expensive)... I asked around for any type of fun workouts around town...and BOOOOOOM (again)- I found ZUMBA with Amy! OMG... I fell in love instantly.... twice!! Once with the fun Latin moves, and the second time with the instructor! Amy is the most positive, upbeat and energetic instructor I have everrrrr had!! AND... the girl has moves! She can Zumba with a cherry on top... and probably would win any salsa/hip-hop competition any day!

From Zumba twice a week, I quickly learned Amy taught kickboxing early mornings once a week too! I fell in love yet again!! LOVEEEE kickboxing and punching and kicking my frustrations away! And it didn't stop there! I also learned that this amazing instructor held a Bikini Bootcamp where the workouts would be 4 times a week! That was almost 2 years ago, and I remain a faithful customer. Each month, workouts are different... they test you to push to new levels, and work out allll areas of your body!

This has become a part of my every day life... it's like breathing for me... and if I miss a morning, I am in the worse mood ever (until I remind myself I can make it up that evening at her Zumba class)! If you're ever in Corvallis, OR, CHECK HER OUT!! You don't have to be enrolled in anything.. and you can pop in and have the funnest and toughest workout yet!

Getting your daily dosage of fitness on is so important... in the mornings (my fave), afternoons or in the evenings after work. Whenever and where ever you are able to make your fat cry would help you out in the biggest way ever! Not only does it release tension or stress, but it's so good for your body to keep moving!!



Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i still have yet to see the Vow, can't wait to see it!
and this post really makes me want to get my butt in gear! i love the first quote, "sweat is fat crying".
xo TJ

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Hahaha I ALWAYS say that sweat is my fat crying!
My boyfriend is like, "ummm what are you talking about?"

At least SOMEONE understands ;)


KatieDidItt said...

This is very inspiring! I am in such a need to sweat out some stress/emotions..and now I'm gonna!

Beverly said...

me too girl! I cannot wait!!!!

Tomorrow we're double-movie-ing it and watching The Vow anddddddd the Navy Seal movie... had to meet the fiance half way!

Beverly said...

LOL... it really is our fat crying!! Love it!

I totes agree.... in this bloggy blog world, I absolutely love how we all understand each other!!

Can't wait to show you what Allison has been working on... thank you endlessly for the recommendation gooorl ;)

Beverly said...

yayyyy... get chyo' sweat on!!

Happy Thursday ;)

Dana + Ryan said...

Woo hoo! Such a great post! We are members at a gym that is open 24 hrs now, but I used to take Zumba and LoVeD it!! What a fun way to exercise!!

Did you get to see The Vow??

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