Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Diary

Happy Monday FUNday!! WOW! What an amazing birthday weekend I had! Even though I wasn't home, I felt the love (as always) from my family and friends. My fiance is the best in all mankind in the universe! He is SO good to me, and every day he does or says something that melts my heart like it did the first time he asked me out! Not only did he buy me TO DIE FOR pink jewelry, but he decorated the boxes in his own unique and loving way!

I woke up early Saturday (birthday) morning to let the dogs out, and first place I hit is the coffee pot, where I found the cutest box/card. He used individual letter stamps, and other fun doo-dads to decorate the jewelry box.... he's so in touch with what I love and appreciate, which is why my love continually grows for him. THEN... I walk into the office to admire the new desk he just put up the night before, and BOOOOM!! Desk is decorated with pink heart and LOVE confetti... AND another box!!! JEEZE -la-weeeeze! It was decorated with his personal touches, sitting in front of the 2nd spot I am bound to go to when I wake up! Never a dull moment with the man of my dreams!

This past year was a rough one for me... dissertation at it's finest! So, my fiance did a superb job at creating a care-free atmosphere this weekend, while preparing for the second half of dissertation. How?....

Let me tell you!! We fancied up the office (where most, if not all my time is spent). We put up some sheer curtains, rearranged the furniture, and bought a new desk, thanks to some birthday funds from my sweet parents!

Gotta have the CONRAD books displayed!
On Sunday, we made a trip to Ikea (which you have to plan an entire day around, being that the nearest Ikea is almost a 2-hour drive), which is also why I missed out on my posting yesterday :( I was ooberly excited to be in that store! It was such a luxury back home having Ikea around the corner, which makes me appreciate this store even more!! Wow... what great finds we lucked out with!

Living in a small town, things tend to be pricey and limited. For instance, we've lived here for 2 1/2 years, and I've been waiting for a "deal" on a dresser since the first day we landed. I wasn't (and still am not) prepared to pay around $200 on one...Needless to say, plastic drawers have been quite popular in our house! UNTIL I found this adorable dresser for less than $100!! Score!!! It looks soooooo good with my DIY jewelry board we worked on about a week ago.

We also found some shelving at Ross for super-duper cheap, which is a great home for my lotion and smell goods!

Other great finds at Ikea?? Tealights (or course gotta stock up on those), scented candles, picture frames, and the best find- some flower vases for wedding centerpieces (less than $1 each)!! All in all... one of the best birthdays yet!!


Molly said...

Happy late Birthday! We are making a huge Ikea run on Thursday. I love their tea lights and got a ton of them for the wedding. Good score with the dresser. I love finding good deals like that.

Beverly said...

Thanks girlie!! OMG.. you have to tell me what you get! Tea lights are equivalent to the milk and eggs on a grocery trip, do chya think?!

Happy Tuesday!

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