Sunday, February 5, 2012

LOL Sunday!

Hello my bloggy blog world! Here we are... back home safe and sound from our drive to Chico! Miss the family ooberly and so anxious to see our new addition to the family, Baby Ese!!

I know I'm out of order for the weekend, but any posting is a great one in my opinion! We've got some pictures to share with you... some from the beautiful drive, and some with our amazing cousins Bob and LIsa! Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed being there in the moment!

Sunshine drive with snow and blue skies surrounding us!

Backseat passengers while my co-pilot (Marley) and I drove the first leg

HAD to get these dogs to the best dog park in Cali!
Cousin Lisa and Mark enjoying Mr. sun and our new doggy friends!

Baby Mataese's home sweet home
Cousin Lisa and I put together the swing, and Uncle Mark put together his crib!

We had a great time in the Chico sun... shopped around for new things for Bob and Lisa's new adorable apartment... ate... took the doggies out to the dog park while strolling around... ate... got things ready for Baby Ese's arrival.... ate... even went to catch a movie on Saturday, The Grey (amazing movie that was full of action and survival skills) and ATE. I am beyond full and feel like I can't eat for the entire week! Tomorrow morning is going to be mighty painful as we run the parking garage BUT I can't wait to sweat it out!

Happy Love out Loud Sunday my friends and have a wonderful evening!! Xoxo

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