Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pin me baby!

Another day to link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!! YAY!

Here are my top ten pins from the past week!

:: one ::
Wow... so many gorge dresses/gowns at the Oscars this past Sunday, but this is by far one of my top faces! Kristin Wiig in J. Mendel.
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:: two ::
I love what they did with the flower arrangements in these different vases!
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:: three ::
I hope this gets my fiancé to get started on our headboard already! I love the rustic vibe this one gives the room!
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 :: four ::
We WILL be as excited as they look on the big day!
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 :: five ::
These orange t-strap wedges have been on my mind!!
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 :: six ::
One of my go-to blogs I read daily is A Beautiful Mess.... I adore her and the way she stacked the golden necklaces!
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 :: seven ::
Gotta support my gooooorl, Lauren and her Paper Crown Spring line... love this fit!
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:: eight ::
I would loveeee to have my window from roof to floor and open up as a door!
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 :: nine ::
Funfetti cake... need I say more?!?
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:: ten ::
Trying to live by these words one day at a time!
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Link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for your top ten!


SimplyHeather said...

Lovely pins - the funfetti cake looks really yummy ((:

Jaclyn said...

that excited big day post is my fav!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh goodness, i love all of these pins. kristen wiig is amazing, love the orange t-strap wedges and the wood headboard and chandelier in the bedroom. pinterest is just the best :)
xo TJ

Momma B said...

What a great idea for a headboard!

Momma B

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I love A Beautiful Mess, too :)
I want her hair color!

Please make that headboard and post pictures :)

Happy Wednesday/leap day!

Beverly said...

omg funfetti cake is my FAVE... with or without frosting... I do NOT discriminate!

Beverly said...

ditto!! makes me smile every time I look at that!

Beverly said...

I totes agree... Kirsten Wiig and that dress.... OMG!!

Beverly said...

right?!?! We don't have one and I won't buy one b/c I swear like it's almost time to actually get started making our own!

Beverly said...

LOVEEEE that blog... she's adorbs with her sister!

Yes, for sure I'll post pics whenevaaaaa that will happen ;)

Happy leap day goooorl!

Meg {henninglove} said...

a lot of people ragged on kristen wiig but i thought her dress was really awesome! and funfetti cake i won't take a slice i will take the whole thing please!

lori said...

i need a chandelier in my bedroom. i love that. and the last quote is perfect.

Ashley said...

Kristen looked perfect in that dress. Nude is a hard color to pull off but I think she nailed it! Go her!

Beverly said...

Did they really?! I don't know why... she looked stunning!

And me too girlfriend! WHOLE cake!!

Beverly said...

right?! I need the romance of that chandelier too!! funny how props are so universal in different rooms now, right?

Beverly said...

@Ashley- I have NO idea why I can't reply directly to you, but I totes agree... nude is so hard, BUT not if you're a beauty ;)

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