Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five Friday! Up HIGH!!

Happy FRIDAYYYYY!!! This week was ooberly productive... got our curtains up, office 85% done, bedroom switched up, work tasks doneZO, and cool school stuff! WHEWWW... Friday never tasted so geeewdddd!!

Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, here are my 5 faves from this week!

:: one ::
The sun was out long enough for the dogs to play on DRY asphalt!

:: two ::
We got our curtains up and goin' in the living room and bedroom!

:: three ::
I finally heard back from the human participants committee and had very minor changes to make... once I received this back, I felt (and still feel) like bursting through my body full of excitement to push forward! Each time I accomplish something I'm able to check off my dissertation timeline, I feel like I'm on top of the world... IF stress hasn't got to me first! (ATTENTION... SOON, I'LL BE ASKING FOR EVERYONE'S HELP FINISH MY DISSERTATION BY TAKING A SURVEY... more info to come!)

:: four ::
I had an awesome-possom birthday/birthweek!!


:: five ::
Allison from Green Tangerine Design has been sending me over drafts of my new fancy blog designs, and I am tickled PINK!! I can't wait to show you all her ahhhh-someness when it's done!


Link up with Lauren, and spill your fave 5 from this week! 



The Sweet Life said...

How in the hole wide world am I just now reading/stalking (in a healthy way) your blog?!? I am also obsessed with LC! Love her style, her humbleness, and most oh all how awesome she is!

I loved that you just used the word ├╝ of my favorite words.

Also, happy happy happy late birthday. Sorry I'm late!!

And I desperately need a new blog's so expensive though. Maybe I should check out your designer?!?
Happy Friday!

Your newest follower!

Momma B said...

Happy Birthweek and Happy Friday!

New follower,
Momma B

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i love those big balloons! so happy to hear you had a great birthday / birthweek!
xo TJ

Beverly said...

LOL... you are too sweet! We can obsess over LC together ;) Doesn't she feel like she's honestly one of your girlfrannns?! She's so down to earth and rrrreeeal I can't even handle it!

Love that we understand each others lingo too... I honestly don't know where some words come from but HEY they make sense to us right?!

And thanks for the bday wishes... I'll take em any time of the year so you're never late!

I went through Allison from Green Tangerine Designs... recommended by Jessica @ Lovely Little Things... she is superb! and I cannnnnnot wait to show the world!

Have the best Friday gooorl!!

- Bev

Beverly said...

Thanks for the support my friend! I appreciate the bday wishes ;)

Happy Weekend woooooo to the hoooo!!

Beverly said...

Thank you!! And I hope you got plenty rest after waiting up for your man! Happy Friday!

rk@dearwellington said...

happy birthday/birthweek!

Caitlin C. said...

Cute curtains!! And happy birthday :)

Dana + Ryan said...

Beverly- thanks for stopping by my humble web home! I love reading yours!! This post is wonderful!! Can't wait to see your new blog design and help you with your dissertation! Happy Sunday!!

Beverly said...

Thanks girlie!! Gotta keep supporting each other, right?! Besides, it's so fun to go through these blogs and read about each other's days, thoughts, inspirations... it's opened so many happy doors for me ;)

Happy Sunday gooorl!

Beverly said...

Thank you so much!

Beverly said...

Why thank you missie!

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