Hey! My name is Beverly, and I'm a brand new to 30 year old gal (wahhhhh!). I am a native to Southern California... where the sun shines, the smog is thick, the traffic is bumper to bumper, and where you can be in the mountains, beach, forest (ok... Rainforest Cafe), and desert in ONE day!!

Here are a few facts about me if you're wondering more about the gal behind this blog:
  1. I have a HUGE family
  2. I am a proud parent of two AMAZING dogs... Marley and Moana 
  3. I just graduated with my PhD in Organizational Development
  4. I am a newly wed to my soulmate
  5. I ADORE everything about Lauren Conrad
  6. I am obsessed with cleaning... my apartment, my car, my purse... you name it!
  7. When my grandma passed away, there were 36 of us grandchildren... AND 
  8. 36 is our family jersey number each of us take over in every sport we play!
  9. I love scary movies, but have to watch Grease after to make me sleep happy
  10. My fave TV shows of all mankind are I Love Lucy and Three's Company!!

I just got married to my best friend through thick and thin, for better or worse, and for richer or richer (as he said to me)! We tied the knot on our 10 year anniversary in Maui on the country side in front of family, friends and through the eyes of our Heavenly Father.  Best day of my entire life!

Those are some snippets you can swoon over for now. For more on "behind the scenes," follow me on this bloggy blog of mine!


MeehSheen said...

You forgot..Sheena is my Idol! LOL jk

Ralph The Photographer said...

Great post cousin! Love your blog! Keep writing! I will be tuning in. All the best this year - so proud of all of your accomplishments!

Karla said...

Hey little lady.. Come back to So. CAl this is were the party is at.. lol kidding!

New follower

Beverly said...
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Beverly said...
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Jessica Sieberg said...

OMG.. girl your PhD...you are crazyy!!! I am thinking of heading back for my masters in speech pathology!! im not sure though.. i have my BA in human development!! && thats amazing, i love BIG families. I come from one too!!!

Rural Rach said...

Visiting from A Dash of Southern!! Adorable photos! New follower of your blog!!

-Rachel { A Dash of Southern }

Katie Green said...

I am hooked simply because you love the Lauren Conrad line as much as I do!

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