Monday, April 30, 2012

Miscellany Monday FUNday!!

Happy Monday FUNday!! I hope you all had a fantab lovely weekend! Mine was surely productive... worked my tater off on getting this chapter complete and sent off to my chair to be reviewed... let's say I can't believe it's Monday FUNday, when my brain is already exhausted!

Nevertheless, I am linking up with Carissa at lowercase letters for a Miscellany Monday! I've got some pretty random thoughts I'd like to share with you all :)

Miscellany Monday @
lowercase letters 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My dogs have been pretty exhausted lately... going on bike rides, walks, hikes and the dog park! Let's just hope it's enough to last this week, because it's supposed to rain all day errrryday :/ Moana (chocolate lab) found it comforting to lay upside down on her Papa... hey whatever makes you comfy right?!?
 ... and this hardly ever happens.. the both of them on one couch?! Marley (shephard/lab mix) does NOT like being close to her when he sleeps... he likes his space :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I have been dyingggggg to catch this movie on Lifetime since I missed the premier a while ago... and I cannot seem to find a listing of show times... on the TV Guide, Lifetime's website, or even through Google! Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it, or know what I'm referring to. If any of you know how to get show times, pleaseeeee let me know!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
How can I not wake up early on Sunday morning to catch an I Love Lucy marathon?! I am soooo in love with Lucy and her show makes me laugh from the GUT! AND I've seen episodes over and over again.. and they still make me laugh like it's the first time watching it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
May bootcamp starts today, which I cannot believe at all! This year is flying, which means less time to countdown for my dissertation to be done, andddd less time to countdown for this wedding!! 51 days to be exact!! Anyhoots, my goal for this month and next (half) month's bootcamp is to tone up as much as I possibly can! I've sort of plateaued with my weight, so I have decided to focus my attention on getting some muscles going on, eating clean consistently, and just treating my body with respect each and every day! After all, it's the only one we have, right??

What have you guys been up to? Any random thoughts you wanna share??? Link up with Carissa at lowercase letters for a Miscellany Monday and spill the beans!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll!

Another week where Friday just zoomed right in front of us!! Nevertheless, Friday's never disappoint me, so HAPPPPPY FRIDAYYY and (singing) LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLLLLLLL!!

Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, let's get this parlayyyy going and countdown for High Five for Friday!!

:: one ::
My wonderful loving family has been hitting the pavement hard holding fundraisers for our glorious family reunion coming up soon! So they held what's called a "FiaFia night" which is a fundraiser full of traditional Samoan dancing and performances. It was QUITE successful and they pulled it off with a bang! I honestly felt like I was there in spirit, especially with all the pictures that were posted!

:: two ::
I'm finally "getting" what I'm doing with my data analysis, which means I'm working through my draft of my Results chapter as we speak!! Praying I get that emailed today with pure confidence!!

:: three ::
Check out those numbers in the 80's.... whaaaaaaa?!?!?! I haven't seen it hit that high since last year... when I was home in Cali! Which leads me to.... number 4....

:: four ::
A fun filled sunny weekend with a nice walk in the shining sun... and then a longgg bike ride which I enjoyed ooberly since we don't get to take our bikes out much in the rain! 

:: five ::
The Beavs are hosting our Spring Game this weekend!! We get a taste of football that leaves us thirsty for more!!!! Here's a video highlighting the O-linemen... since my BIL plays Offensive Tackle, gotta show O-line love!

What's been the highlight(s) of your week? Holla at me!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thank You!

Hello world and a happy Thursday right to you!! I've been through some major data analysis foreign kinda work these past few weeks, and I'm up to HERE with the stress!

BUT... I am super duper thankful for many blessings in my life during this chaotic time....

  • A glorious soon-to-be-husband who is my biggest cheerleader
  • Good health
  • Supporting family and friends
  • Statistical text books
  • AND... I am sooo thankful for your support on my blog!! 

This blog has become a filter for me... to filter out a "normal" side of me and a place where I don't have to worry about spelling, being grammatically correct or anything!! You guys have made this journey fantabulous, and I am so very grateful for your blogging support through the thick and thin!! I can't believe my followers are growing!! This is much to celebrate in itself!!

Which leads me to...... A GIVEAWAY!!! Yup!! I'm partaking in one of these bad boys once I reach 100 Google Followers!!! Not much further to go, so I'm excited and already have ideas of what I'm giving away!

Since it's my first go-round at a giveaway, I'm not really following any protocol according to the blogging world :) Once I reach 100 Google followers, I will post a HIP HIP HOOOORAY and reveal what I'm giving away, and how you can qualify!!

Thank you my family and my dear friends... for helping me get through some rough times!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Pinning!

And a Happy Wednesday it is for us all right?! Gotta stay positive to get through these tough times now! 

Glad to be celebrating mid-week by partaking in another Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday with the lovely Michelle @ The Vintage Apple!

WARNING!! These pins are based off of my emotions... how I'm staying motivated right now to finish these chapters up is thinking and dreaming about the sun glistening in my hurr all day every day for 2 whole weeks! I've also been super hungry for summer... we got a tease of summer weather this weekend, and now it's replaced with gray clouds (surprise surprise). I want need it back... like NOW! You will quickly notice that I have a theme goin on this week with my pins, and it's because I'm on a one track mind kinda thinking!

:: one ::
I do I do
Pinned here

:: two ::
Stunna shades need to relax in the sand too!
Pinned here

:: three ::
Can't wait to be in 808 hood
Pinned here

:: four ::
This is the life.. to eat on big fluffy pillows on the sand
Pinned here 

 :: five ::
One of the best methods to exfoliate! 
Pinned here

:: six ::
Pinned here

:: seven ::
Perfect mix... gold bangles, big hat and little black dress
Pinned here

:: eight ::
How I imagine I will feel.. ahhhhh
Pinned here

:: nine ::
Love this dress especially blowing in the beachy wind!
Pinned here

:: ten ::
Pinned here

What have you been obsessing over or pinning this week??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Some LC Love!

Happy (Educate Me) Tuesday!! SO... I've been super go go go with data analysis, as you all know, so I really have to find rewards with the basics in life. What's more rewarding than some LC love?! I'm getting more and more educated about my gooorl! Here's a clip from the Chelsey Lately show last night! Her dress and heels are adorrrrbs!!

Anddddd she was on Ryan Seacrest's morning show (102.7 Kiis FM) this am!  You can listen to her answer questions about her Glamour magazine cover, her book The Fame Game, and a fun Q&A game... click here to listen.

She brings me such happiness! Even in these dire moments of sweat, blood and tears of dissertating!! Happy Tuesday my loves!

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a HEEL-y kinda Monday!

Happy Monday FUNday!! We have been so blessed to have the sun shining down on us the entire weekend, and now today! Even though I work this mighty fine Monday, looking at sunshine from the window is better than looking at a cloudy sky and rain falling like cray cray!!

I'm sharing an outfit today, inspired by new heels my wonderful beautiful cousin, Lisa sent me!! Here's Lisa!

Cousin Lisa with my HANDSOME nephew, Ese!
She's the sweetest in all the land :) She's lucky enough to have a Lulu's annual sale in her hood... where everrrrrything is practically FREE (ok... not really, but the biggest discounts you can imagine!). She thought of me AGAIN (she sent me some goodies last year too!), and I was OOBERLY surprised to see a box in my mail box last week!

Here are my faves that she got me... they're so springy, and so high... just how I loveeeee my heels!

And the outfit that the sun shines upon (please excuse the poor lighting in the bathroom... I need to work on my self-portraits.. or maybe just pick up my fiance's fancy camera I don't know how to properly function)!

How's your Monday Funday starting off? Hope all is going dandy like candy :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to my SASS!!

Happy GLORIOUS Sunday my loves!!! Just wanted to spread some LOVE OUT LOUD on this LOL Sunday to my future sister-in-law best frannnnd in the universe, Ms. Clara!! She deserves the world and some for all the glory she brings to my life! I honestly couldn't ask for a better friend than her. God has realllly blessed me with an amazing angel!

Manuia Le Aso Fanau... Feliz Cumplianos... Happy Birthday MY LOVE!!!!!

Love this gal!! Happy Sunday, and I hope it's as sunny as it is here in Oregon today!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fastest Count Down to Friday...

Happy peppy Fridayyy heyyyyy!!! This week went awfully fast! Not in a good way.. b/c I should have more progress made with my data analysis, but the reality is I don't. I'm stuck like I was two weeks ago. Spoke with a committee member, two cohorts and my chair this past week, and I get great tips and resources from them... then when I am off to do it on my own... BOOOOOOM!!! Stuck like a deer in headlights!

I can only control one day at a time though. I know I'm putting in the time and effort... it's just in slowwwww motionnnnn and it's killing me :/ Anyhoots, enough of my sad SAME story (yes... you'll be reading this until it gets DONE, so thanks in advance for your support!).

Good news is it's Friday which means I get to dedicate two entire days (minus taking the dogs out) to work on this issue I'm having... which means another shot at making progress! WAHOOO!

Linking up again with the lovely Lauren at From my Grey Desk for a HIGH Five for Friday!!


Let's begin with out five faves from this past week, shall we??

:: one ::
After teaming up with Jess @ Lovely Little Things for her Smell the Roses this past week, my boo sent me a sweet text and made my week!

:: two ::
I had a super duper soar body particularly this week, which means I'm developing muscles that are hidden somewhere in herrrrrrr! Obvi I don't resemble her, but I sho FELT this way this week!

:: three ::
{this one is for my fiance} We got new tires (not by choice) on the truck, which totes make it feel like a new car! It feels like we're driving in the clouds!

:: four ::
My wedding shoes came in the mail!! WOOOOOOP! So excited and just can't hide it! 61 days to go!!

:: five ::
My man is a strong one... in the core and all :) I was soooo impressed when he showed me this... only b/c I would only dare to do this with the help of the wall!!

Yay for Friday's link up for High Five for Friday at FMGD... now off to work my tater off! Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What I la la LOVE

HI HI HI (as my almost brother-in-law used to greet me with when I would come over to my fiance's house when we first started dating!). Yes... this is my 2nd post today... you're eyes or mind is not playing tricks on you ;)

I'm participating in a fun parlayyyy hosted by Gentri , Kaitlyn, and Kristy called the Send Something Good Project. I thought this would be a great way of supporting our fellow-bloggers, AND who doesn't like getting some good ol' snail mail or even just a hand written letter vs. an email?! I appreciate mail and positive thoughts ANY day of my life, especially lately dealing with fun dissertating!!

Part of the project is having (and being) a secret here are some insider scoop about me (if you don't already know by my frequent ramblings)!

I la la loveeeeee:
Anything PINK
Lauren Conrad
Gossip magazines
Nail Polish

There it is! Things I love... what I would ULTIMATELY love is to be over with this statistical analysis that is going on week 3 now! HELLLLP!!!

Happy Thursday friends!

Spread some JOY in your Life

Happy Thursday America!! Hope all is going swell with your week. I'm introducing another fantabulous gal I met through the blogging world... Bree at The Thing About Joy! Her blog is all about her adventures being a wifee, a craftswoman, and some!

Hey readers! I'm Bree, and I blog over at "The Thing About Joy..." A life style blog where you'll find things like:

-a college student trying to become a graphic designer
-ups and downs of life and how to always be thankful, no matter what!
-fun & pretty easy tutorials! Usually for my new house I’m still decorating.

I like to learn new things. Probably too much. If you asked my family they would probably say I try to do do many things, and want to learn to many things.
But... that's what makes me, me!

So if you're interested, I would love to have you stop by my blog and read more! I love to get to know my readers, and since my blog is still pretty small, it makes it easier for me to do! :))

There she be frannnds! She's got some sunshine and great pins to share with you all! Go pay her a visit and tell I sent ya'... you won't be disappointed ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wishing and Pinning!

Happy Wednesday! This week is flying... maybe because I have too much to do in too little time! Anyhoots, today marks another glorious moment to link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Here are the top ten pins from this past week. Oh how I wish I had money to invest in everything I see online!! I want it ALL!

:: one ::
I absolutely love the sequence and the layers of pearls!

{pinned here}

:: two ::
Floral heels AND peep toes.... YESSSS

{pinned here}

:: three ::
This back is nothing but pure sexaaaay!

{pinned here}

:: four ::
Gotta keep my fit game face on!

{pinned here}

:: five ::
Found this DIY hair piece on the lovely adorable blog, Sincerely Kinsey

{pinned here}

:: six ::
Nothing more bliss like some colorful tulips!
{pinned here}

:: seven ::
Nuff said!
{pinned here}

:: eight ::
Love this work of art!
{pinned here}

:: nine ::
Sooooo spring!!!!
{pinned here}

:: ten ::
Very true... so go and do those things!

{pinned here}
If you haven't linked up, go see Michelle and link up... like NOW! This is one of the funnest link up parties in the universe!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keep it!

Happy Tuesday my loves!! Today on this Educate Me Tuesday, I wanna preach about how important it is to keep and organize all your school documents.

As I go through this phase of statistical analysis, I'm digging through notes and lecture slides from my first year of graduate school 5 years ago (yes... don't judge me on how long it's taking to finish this lovely PhD)! I thought it would be wise to share with you all some tips that I did follow to make things manageable, as well as some tips I wish I had followed to help make things more accessible and organized! So listen up... whether you're in undergrad or graduate school!
  • Each semester/term, save ALL notes sent electronically in a separate folder. I created a folder for each semester in my email (i.e. "Fall 2012"). This includes lecture slides, handouts, or syllabi.

  • Buy a separate folder for each class you have, and store all printed documents in here.

  • Whether you take notes directly on your power point slides (which I highly recommend) or on separate notebook paper, keep all notes filed in this folder with other documents.

  • Keep all quizzes, exams, and labs.. these are KEY to important information you may utilize later on.
  • Keep all text books if you are able to get by without selling them back... these have been great resources for my dissertation!

For my Masters degree 2nd year project, comprehensive exams, and dissertation writing, I have referenced my notes, books, and cohort! You will utilize every piece of information you learn from your first year, through the last course you take, especially in graduate school! Good luck my friends!
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