Thursday, February 28, 2013


I saw this DIY statement necklace ages ago (okay a bit exaggerated), and fell in love with how adorbs and totes wearable it be! I just had to take a stab at it! 

Thanks to my Pops and Step-Mom's birthday gift (Michael's gift card), I snagged these cute buttons from Michael's! Without further ado, the easy peasy materials needed and few steps to get this puppy hangin' from your neck!
I love how you can pick and choose different buttons to put together for whatever kind of statement you feel like making! What do you think? Will you give this a shot?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Uplifting Pins

I N S P I R A T I O N... something we can all utilize each and every day, and from multiple sources! While trying to head this blog in a different direction during my second year of blogging, I've made it a point to try and blog about a topic that is inspiring... that can reach out to those who need it, including myself! From this post I wrote a few months ago, you all know I love to dig for inspiration through Pinterest!

I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for an OHP, and sharing more words of wisdom, a continued edition from the last round!

You can never have enough words to lift your spirits, right?? Link up with Michelle and share what you've been pinning lately!

Monday, February 25, 2013

This Little Light of Mine

A week ago from today, I was celebrating another year of glorious life. Makes me realize how time really flies... if I feel like I was blowing out the candle on my tiramasu like it was just yesterday, I can only imagine (not quite remember!) all that time that has elapsed in the first third of my life. This past birthday was one that I really reflected back on what I've accomplished, failed forward with, and learned. I also thought about the direction I want to head in throughout the next third of my life... and how my attitude will be the driving force behind it all.

A few things that have and always will remain constant in my life....

  • HUBS... He's been the driving force behind who I am today. He's the one to support my triumphs, pick me up when I fall down, and cheer me on when I'm running short on fuel.
  • FAMILY... They are always encouraging me through every chapter of my life. From my long education journey... to moving away and trying to make my way back him! I wouldn't be the person I am today without them!
  • FRIENDS... They (YOU GUYS TOO) always have my back and show me love just as my family would! I consider my friends my family (and my family my friends!). They help me feel normal at the most "weirdest" times of my life!
Whether it's your past, future or present... appreciate and lean on the things that have made you the person you are today, and the person you aspire to be! Let your little light shine on yourself and others each and every day!


Friday, February 22, 2013

H54F Birthday Faves

I'm partaking in High Five for Friday, birthday edition!! I've been having such a great birthday week, I decided to share some highlights with you guys! Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, here's H54F!

  1. I was showered with gifts, cards that came through the mail, and shout outs on the phone, Skype, Facetime AND in person!
  2. We had a lovely time Oregons' wineries we visited this past weekend! I totes would recommend em', especially to those who love a hearty red wine (like ME!).
  3. I indulged in some tiramasu on my actual day of birth, which wasn't one bit disappointing!
  4. Shopped til I dropped this week... and ending it with some H&M love this weekend!
  5. I've been having a blast in a glass with my sister who's been here the entire week!

Hope you all have been having a fab week, and an even better weekend!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


So I saw an outfit on Pinterest the other day that totes reminded me of shoes I forgot I had!! Don't you love/hate when that happens?!?! I had these ELECTRIC pumps stored under my bed since we got back from Maui last summer, and they were packed and sealed with other wedding goodies. 

I thought to myself, "SELF! Bust them bad boys out and put em' to use!" And so I did... with my new LC Lauren Conrad Chambray, my birthday watch my Aunty bought me, and my new arm candy from my bestie LC Lauren Conrad's line! I duplicated this Pinterest outfit, and electrified in my "something blue" pumps that I walked down the aisle in!

I've been having an AMAZING birthday week, and it keeps getting better and better!! Let the shopping extravaganza continue!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I've been having a swell birthday week thus far, enjoying every moment of it. It's been full of family, love, laughter, food and some superb wine!! This household is officially turning into some WINE-OH's! We finally made a trip to the Oregon wineries! Since we stepped foot in the state of Oregon over 3 years ago, everyone spoke highly of Oregon's wine, and the experience of wine tasting! We love us some wine!! It only took us three years to realize it's time to take the half hour trip and taste our lives away!

First stop was Eola Hills... home of some of Oregon's famous and delish wine! This was one of my fave wineries (possibly because we were able to taste up to 7 types of wine which was complimentary). We totes lucked out with a great wine-ologist (so I called him) who wasn't keeping count at all! I think we may have tasted the entire menu which was sooo over the limit of 7!

The beauty of going wine tasting in this area is that there are multiple wineries along the same highway within a mile apart from each other! I wish I would have known this three years ago! I sooo would have been there way back when!

So we hopped in the truck and traveled down the highway, not even an entire song-length of a drive! On to Firesteed we went, which was a bit smaller than Eola Hills, but definitely not disappointing! This place has a charge of $5 a person to partake in wine tasting, but we totes lucked out yet again! As we were walking into the winery, a couple was leaving, and hinted to us wine tasting is complimentary today because the wine-ologist was feeling lovely since it was her birthday! So our group walked in singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and sure enough... we tasted the entire menu fo' FREE! 

GORG weather, family, and six bottles of wine later.... we made it home and added these babies to our wine family!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Happy!

HAPPY Monday FUNday to you all!! And if you're off today, HAPPY day off for a HAPPY President's Day to you!!

Oh yea... and a HAPPY Birthday to ME!! It's a hard one for me this year... I'm leaving my 20's behind me as I move on to my thh- .... thhhhhhhhh- ... I can't even say it! I guess I'm moving onto my 20's yet again! Sounds MUCH better!!

This year, I'm so T H A N K F U L... for the life God has blessed me with, for the greatest hubs I can ever ask for, for the family that has always had my back through thick and thin, for graduating from graduate school and getting married two weeks later, for my friends, and for all of you!

Now excuse me while I partake in some cake (not this GORG pink cake, but some kinda' cake!) and fun family time!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Loving these Five Faves

Happy FRIDAY!!! Woohoo for all you that have a 3-day weekend celebrating President's Day on Monday! Linking up for a H54F with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, here are my top five faves of the week!
  1. I've been making it a priority to get on my Vita-Veta-Vegamin game, taking a dose every morning! Another one of my 2013 resolutions that has been full effect starting this week! 
  2. The cutest little boy in all America, my little nephew Ese, turned ONE this week! He's growing wayyy too fast :/
  3. Laughed my life away as my man put on a show for me while busting a smooth move to ADORN by Miguel.
  4. We had some phenominal weather this week, and the shadows came out!
  5. Valentine's Day was delightful, especially when these were delivered to my door. BEST HUBS EVAHHH!

Have yourselves a lovely long weekend! I sho will.. my day of birth be Monday FUNday ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine

Happy Lover's Day to you lovely peeps!! Whether you're married, have a boo, or single and ready to mingle... everyone can show some la la love in the world! I hope that's just what you do today! Love everyone and anyone around you, whether you know them or not! Say HELLO to someone as you walk past them... offer to hold the door open at the grocery store... buy someone's coffee while you're getting your Starbucks fix! Be kind and loving to one another!

Here's a cutie patootie banner I put together to add some love around our house! And you know I had to hang it right by our wine so I can see it every day since I love to pay visits to that section of our home!

The rest of the steps is simple enough, I felt the pics weren't necessary! Cut, glue, string and hang! I even added a few more fancy pants decor like the glitter heart in the middle of the two words... and bows at each end of the lover banner!

Now if you'll excuse me while I'm off to show some love to my wonderful and handsome hubby!
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