Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

I'm breaking cycle of my "Educate me Tuesday" by saying.... Happy love day!! Single... married... significant other... dogs... what ever and who ever you have in your life that deserves your heart is meant to be celebrated today... not just couples! I love this month of February because I honestly feel like love is in the air each and every day, more so than any other month!

If you've visited my blog-hood before, you probably know that I'm engaged to Mark, and I have the pleasure of becoming his wifee June 20th this year, on our 10th year anniversary! I have so much la la LOVE for this guy... he had my heart at "circle if you like me.. yes or no." No joke... that's how his game was back then... and to be honest... he has the same game that wins over my heart each and every day.

This weekend, my main squeeze and I were able to get to some snapping, and captured some great pics. We utilized Mark's fancy camera's self-timer, which was pretty HILL-arious each time Mark had to set the camera on a post, start the countdown at 10-9-8... and run to the spot I was standing at to get a good shot! All in all, it was a grand time! Thanks to my iPhone apps, we were able to "fancy" some of em up!

Who has your heart? How much do YOU love your family? Express it all today! Have a SUPERB Valentine's Day with that big heart of yours! Xoxoxoxo


Simone said...

Beverly - I am awarding you the Liebster Blog Award! Stop by my blog and read more about it! (busyasahoneybee.blogspot.com) By the way these photos you took are great!


Beverly said...

Thank you sooo much for being too sweet! I'm changing up my posting today to talk about the Liebster Blog Awards... so fun passing it along ;)


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