Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marry Saturday America!! Mark and I are starting our invitations this weekend... from ground up! I have a few invites on my Pinterest that I adore, but nothing that has screamed, "pick me!" As soon as we've snapped away some photos in the process of making our invites, I'll post those flicks!

We booked our photographer this week, and I am so excited and pumped to see her work on our magical day! She's based in Maui, so we don't have to actually pay any travel costs (which all of the photographers I like in the states are asking for). We opted not to go with a videographer, as our budget says so (for now). BUT ... if I was a candidate for the Make a Wish Foundation, I would soooooo wish upon a star for a video by Paperback Weddings. Their videos are amazingly touching, and they're each like a movie you don't want to end! What an awesome job at capturing the most important day of these couples' life!

If you've never heard of Paperback Weddings, or have never seen a video, I took the liberty of including one for you! This couple is ah-DOOR-able! She is by far an ooberly cute preggo bride, and the groom is head over heels for her. You can definitely feel the intensity of their love!

As great as it seems to have a video for the big day, it's just something you have to really consider. I'm fine with having a photographer only, which I am absolutely certain that she'll do a fantab job of capturing our day... I was definitely not willing to short myself on the photographer we chose... after all, you will live through these pictures for life!

I honestly can't WAIT to get to Maui. 130 days to go until we exchange our vows in front of an audience full of people we love and adore! 

Haiku, HI

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