Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Friday!

TGIF! WOOOP!! This has been one long week, and I'm so excited that this weekend is Labor Day weekend b/c that extra day on Monday is gonna make the world of a difference!

Starting off my Friday morning by counting down my top five fave of the week! Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, cheers to High Five For Friday!


:: one ::
I successfully wrote all our wedding Thank You's and sent them out earlier this week! YAYYYY!

:: two ::
We had a great time giving our bathrooms some much needed makeovers. If you missed out, you can catch up here.

:: three ::
I made my first button, and am oh so proud of it! If you missed out on yesterday's post, you can read about my aha! moment with the help of this scripture here.

:: four ::
We went to stock up on our cleaning supplies this week, which is one of those big spending days that only comes once in a while (thank goodness, otherwise we'd go broke trying to upkeep our casa!). Well, late night shopping was so not fun, but my hubs and BIL made an adventure out of it!

:: five ::
We've been having some fantab weather here, which has been making excellent viewing pleasures for being outside, and for some fun blackberry picking!

What's been going on in your week! Link up with Lauren and dish!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

People Pleaser? Nahhhh

Galatians 1:10

Guess where I pulled this lovely sparkly picture from (not the scripture of course, but the lovely button)?? MY BRAIN! That's right... I created this one myself! SHABOOOOYA!!!

A few weeks ago I posted about focusing on making myself happy (you can catch up quickly here). I receive daily scriptures by email, and this verse totes reminded myself of that post! I am SO grateful to be reminded of what I already know so I don't lose sight of our road to happiness.

I thought this was a great scripture to share with you all because we all fall short some times, at work, in our personal lives, at school... wherever it may be! It becomes so exhausting to please others... emotionally and physically exhausting! So why consume our energy doing so, when we should be focusing on remaining a servant to Christ!

Have a SUPERB Thursday... I sure will as I remind myself that nobody needs approval of my life (except my husband of course since it is our life!) and Christ!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Happy Wednesday lovely bloggettes! Hope your week is going swell for you all! With bathroom makeovers and cleaning in my hood, I've been inspired to get into some arts and craft thangs! What other inspiration to go with than PINspiration?!!

Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple, cheers to Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

Source: via Beverly on Pinterest

Couldn't do an Arts and Craft spotlight without my gooorl, Lauren! What have you been pinning lately?! Link up and share it with the world!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bathroom Makeovers

Good Tuesday Morning!! The sun is shining, which is making my morning just splendid! We had a scare yesterday and Sunday... the sun was gone, and it even drizzled! WOMP!! But today is a new day, and it's shining brighter than ever! Hip hip HOOORAYYY!!

One of the benefits of getting married (besides sharing the rest of your life with the man of your dreams), is getting some new goodies!! And we are still getting some of those goods, thanks to our amazing family and friends!!

It's one thing to be showered with gifts, but it's another to actually be in the mood to cleaning, re-organizing, and all that fun-ness goin' on! SO, I finally was in the mood last night (you can't let the time fool you... when you're in the mood, you're IN THE MOOD!).

I wanna share my bathroom makeovers! Starting off with my FAVE restroom in the master bedroom. Why is this my fave? THE RUFFLED CURTAIN MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT! My Step-Mom got us this adorbs curtain and matching towels from Pottery Barn... the Disneyland of home goods!

This collage of snapshots are in the guest bathroom, including our new Nautica bath rugs, and my FAVE towels ever from Bed, Bath, and Beyond!!! We actually got more towels than we can display at once, but the more the merrier!!

We even had an audience last night, patiently waiting for attention on our bed. Marley was sprawled out on the entire bed (along with laundry), so Moana (choc lab below) chose to lounge on our pillows! Funny doggie!

Have you made over anything in your house lately? Any new pieces that inspired you to totally give a room a makeover? Please do share!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

This weekend there were some mighty fine celebrations back home! One being my Aunt's birthday parlayyy full of some good ol' Samoan food that warms the soul, and some good sweet family time! My Aunt has been an amazing mother figure to me... and the rest of my family! There are no words to describe my appreciation for her love since the day I was born, but I'll give it a shot anyhoots! She is the one to never turn her back on our family, through thick and thin... she's the one who always has what I need before even asking her for it... she's the one to encourage and motivate me at each point in my life... she's the youngest of 14 siblings, and the one with my grandmother's heart... she's my Aunty ONE and I love her past the moon!

Aunty ONE, me, and my other mother/aunty, Aunty June

Another celebration that I sadly wasn't home for was my Bestie's bridal shower!! She's the one in the white, as you probably have guessed already! These are 5 of the 7 of us lucky bridesmaids who get to be with her as she becomes a MRS.! Her bridal shower was a burlesque theme, and from the pictures I swooned over, was extremely cute!! She's been there for me through it all, especially graduate school! She was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding, and we were so blessed to have her and her awesome possom fiancé in Maui with us to celebrate some SUPERB times!! I can't wait to reunite with her, especially for her BIG day that can't come soon enough! We shall fist pump like no other and celebrate the new chapter in her life!

And thennnnnn.... last night I missed one of my younger cousin's 21st birthday parlay! How fun it would have been there to sang a sweet song at her karaoke party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTY KAT RACHA!!!

So many celebrations that make me super home sick, but I'm trusting that His plan is entirely for a reason!

And now, for my LLL's of the week... What I loved, laughed, and learned about!

I absolutely loveeee that one of my gal pals asked mwuah for some blogging tips and tricks... not that I'm a pro or anything, but I was still able to share some basics that others were able to share with me! I love hearing about my friends starting their own blogs... I honestly love my blogging community and the fact that we all bring each other new things each and every day! Check her out!! Her name is Whitney (to me she be Whit Whit!) and she blogs over at High Heels & Carhartts... stop by and show her some love!

I learned about an opportunity to present my dissertation at the biggest annual conference for SIOP (Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.), and I am SO excited to keep the wheels turning with this while it's still fresh in my mind. Submitting is one thing, but getting accepted is a whole other ball park! I shall keep you all filled in!

My hubs and I watched 21 Jump Street this weekend, and I seriously cracked up the entire time!! Jonah HIll and Channing Tatum were hilarious together! If you haven't see it, I totes recommend it... who doesn't laugh while reminiscing through the high school days?!

Did you have any celebrations this weekend? How about your LLL's?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hey Hey Friday!

Happy Friday my peeps!! I'm so glad the weekend is herrrrr (well after work that is)! Much needed R&R.. just wish I had the hubs to do it with! He's been working til late nights every day including Saturdays and Sundays... bright side is that it's because the football season has begun! WOOOOP!!

I'm bout to get this Friday morning on and poppin' with my top 5 fave things from this week! Linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk, here's High Five for Friday!

:: one ::
I give it up to my oldest pup, Marley for trying to find energy to play with his sister... even if he has to lay down and play half asleep!

:: two::
Took some time to see clearly through these stunna shades and gave my hubs the infamous FOB Samoan pose (insder)! I dunno what's more akward... the shades or the placement of the price sticker?!

 :: three ::
Check out the adorbs new notebook I snatched! The front has the cutest flower arrangement, and the tiny flower on the back just tops it off with cuteness!
:: four ::
I finally got my wedding Thank You's in the mail! I shall be spending my weekend writing those out!

:: five ::
Did I mention that football season is on like donkey kong?! P U M P E D!! Here's a snippet of O-Line (fave since my BIL is an O-lineman).

What's the happs with your week? Don't forget to link up with Lauren!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OHP... another BLING edition!

Happy hump day peeps!! Today I'll be doing the usual, and link up with Michelle with The Vintage Apple for OHP! Still addicted to Pinterest, and still pinning my life away! This week, I've been swooning over statement necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and more! This flame could have been sparked because I went to a Stella & Dot party this past weekend!! How can you not dream of jewels after drooling over gorg jewels from Stella & Dot?!?!

Anyhoots, on with my top fave pins.. and yes, another edition of bling!! Peep game!

What are your fave pins of the week?? Don't forget to link up with Michelle for OHP!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Weekend!

This weekend, I tried to stay outdoors as much as I could stand because (a) it was oh so gorg outside and (b) I don't know how much longer this heat and sunshine will last :/ I saw the weather forecast for next week, and saw temp's in the 70's! High or low 70's... I don't care! I like this 80-90 degree weather and I do NOT want it to creep away!

Anyhoots, being outside with the doggies gave me plenty time to think... think about how excited I am for my future and for change that will soon be approaching for my hubs and I! As I strolled through a beautiful neighborhood with adorbs houses made of red brick walls, the thought I used to have of "one day we'll be on one of those homes" was more like, "I can sense our own home coming closer than I can imagine!"

A sense of overwhelming happiness came over me this weekend... happy to be where I am today, and happy that I finally closed the chapter of my education... happy that I'll be working for a company I love (once I start getting calls back), and happy that a change is gon' come! Guess my happiness is on a roll, if you can remember from this post!

A few more things to be happy about... my LLL's of the week!

I love that I was able to successfully go through a day last week without complaining (shout out to my gooorl Jessica for the idea, and to Lindsay for the reference of this awesome site!). It really took some effort to not complain even about the small things like what was for din din, but man... an experience I am willing to invest more time in!

I learned to be more patient with myself... in job hunting, and in life!

I had a good laugh when it started to rain on Thursday evening... a nervous laugh that is! In the middle of our awesome possom summer weather?? REALLY?!

What were your LLL's of the week?

Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five!

TGIF!! Time to list our top 5 fave things from this past week with Lauren at From My Grey Desk! Let's give a High Five for Friday and get this party started on this Friday morning shall we?


:: one ::
I'm not sure if you noticed from my blog, but we had the BEST time at our first official family reunion!

:: two ::
Someone left this sweet note on my desk, which meant the world to me. Giving me kudos "just cause" can bring some sunshine in my life any day!

:: three ::
During our family reunion, we had my graduation party! It was so overwhelming to see everyone and hear how they were all so proud of me. Also had an opportunity to make it rain during our customary Samoan dances!

:: four ::
Career hunting has been quite fun this week. There have been some great opportunities out there, and I'm excited to learn of many more!

:: five ::
Sweet words couldn't have been more bliss coming in an email!

Don't forget to link up with Lauren, and share your 5 fave things of your week! Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Weekend

Why am I home/family-sick? THIS is why!! A weekend full of family smiles, sunshine, and love!

My cousin ran for Ms. Taupou at the Samoan Flag Day

Showing love for the ones who built our foundation

Our talent show

Beach Day
Girls of the Fam

Boys of the Fam

I just love and miss each and every one of them!! Let me tell you... if you live near your family, enjoy every second of being with them... for those are the moments you will cherish the most!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gettin' my hurr did!

Hip hip hoooray for an Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday! It's mid-week, and time to share some lovely pins with you all!

If you're not linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple, then it's time you click this cute lil' button and be on your marry way to link up, and share your fave pins of the week from Pinterest!


I'm swooning over some hurr this week, and here are some of my faves!

Source: via Beverly on Pinterest

What are you swooning over in hurr land these days??

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time with my O'hana

Happy Tuesday my loves!! Where have I been the past few days you may be asking me? Welp, busy with my family having the time of my life!! This past weekend, I was blessed with the opportunity to go home for my family reunion, and for my graduation parlayyy!! More pics from our festivities to come later!
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