Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Blog

Wow... it feels like this blog was so another life time ago! So much has happened since I started my job back home in LA! Can you believe we went through another move out of state and we are  now living in Nebraska?!!? I know.. I'm still shocked myself! But there's much to say about the here and now. So if you're up for it, come check out my new blog... Jerseys and Bowties (J&BT).

Same writer. Same morals. Different journey.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Living a BLESSED life

Good day my lovely bloggettes! Yes... I am ALIVE... alive forever more! Things have been changing in my life, and I'm embracing the fast-pace change with wide open arms! Things you should know about the latest happs:

I started a new career, and I am now a TROJAN! I super duper miss being with the Beaver Nation, but I'll always bleed orange in my heart! I'm also very grateful for this new chapter in our lives, and am very prepared to FIGHT ON!

We are officially back in Cali... Cali... Cali (mentioned here a few weeks back)! We found a new home in the South Bay, meaning we're near and dear to our loved ones yet again. 

I've been having a blast in a glass modeling my new business attire! Can't wait til we unpack boxes when I can really mix and match and wear different shoes (besides the two black pairs I've been rotating for over 2 weeks now)!

These are just snippets of what's been surfacing through mi vida loca. BUT I cannot wait to read and catch up on all of you gal pals! It might take me awhile to get back on track on the regular reading/posting... work has been consuming my energy, and so has moving! I definitely think about you guys A LOT, and I've missed you all so soooooo much!

Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five for Life Lately

Happy Friday!! I know I've been absent yet again, BUT in all for good reasons! We were in the midst of packing, cleaning, moving, and all that jazz.

Besides the moving hustle and bustle, I've had quite a week! I'm linking up with Lauren at Lauren Elizabeth for a High Five for Friday, and catching you up with my life lately!

:: one ::
My Dad and Aunt helped us move this past weekend, which mean frequent stops to fuel up! I did some mighty fine fueling up with this chocolate-marshmallow-whipped-cream-with-sprinkles deliciousness!

:: two ::
While on our road trip, we made sure to stop and visit with the precious curly haired handsome lil' man! He got some bonding in himself with Moana.

:: three ::
We made it home to celebrate my sister's birthday on Monday! Sang her a sweet song to celebrate life, and indulged on the best Oreo ice-cream cake! Happy birthday month to her... wishing her nothing but the best because she IS the best!

:: four ::
We got a great welcome home from the family, including new bedding and curtains in our temporary room! I feel so humble knowing I have such an amazing family who continuously gives blessings.

:: five ::
Tagged along with this handsome Hubs of mine to USC while he met up with some athletic peeps. Meanwhile, my cousin and I toured the campus... and some!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Faves

It's been awhile since I've partaken in a H54F, but this week surely deserves some highlights!! Linking up with Lauren at Lauren Elizabeth (yes that's her new bloggy name!), here's my top five faves for a high five for Friday!

:: one ::
This week, we've had some glorious weather, which made running with the pups THAT much more enjoyable!

:: two ::
After Marley's rabies shot, he was forced to run some errands with me. Apparently he didn't like the back seat! Nonetheless, it was nice having some alone time with my Marls!

:: three ::
While I went to say toodles to my football family, I saw some fancy pants decor they got done! I CANNOT WAIT FOR FOOTBALL SEASON!!

:: four ::
As I said before, moving onto new beginnings is bitter sweet. Having to say farewell to some great relationships is always hard, BUT with great notes and reminders like these, it makes me excited to plan our trip back for a visit this summer!

:: five ::
My cousin snapped a photo of dinner when we make our way south... and it's been motivating me to pack up quick! I'll be getting down and dirty with these babies soon!

Don't forget to list your top five with Lauren! Happy weekend friends!
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dressing it Up!

Last week, I was in Houston for the SIOP annual conference (the field in psychology that I studied). My dissertation was one of the ones selected for a poster presentation, and I was so excited to get there and spread the news of my research results. I was so grateful to have my chair come and support my poster presentation, and also help calm my nerves! I met a ton of great professionals and graduate students who were completing their dissertations.

If you ever have an opportunity to attend conferences within your field, I highly recommend going! It can never hurt to network and get your name out there! Besides, it gives you a chance to dress up!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Faith Conquers Fear

As most of you know, I've been a bit MIA up in herrrr because I'm in the midst of some change (if you missed it, catch it here). So a few months ago, I opened up about saying goodbye to a chapter in life. At the time, I wasn't ready to open up about the deets, and I really haven't been ready since. BUT things are changing in a great way, and what better time to share than now?

In August I officially finished graduate school, and was rewarded my Ph.D. In September, I finished up working with the football office at OSU. I was sad to leave the people I was working with for over three years. This was such a great place to work for... very laid back, friendly, energetic, and a family environment. Looking back on it now, it was an emotional farewell for me... emotions stemming from the fact that I was also done with school. Leaving OSU meant that it was officially time to start searching for a start in my career. This was H U G E!!

School has consumed the majority of my life. Finishing up graduate school left me a bit clueless. Leaving that environment meant opening a new chapter of this thing called LIFE. Since leaving school and OSU, I was pounding the pavement, so to speak. I was still working from my home office with a consulting company, but only on a part-time basis. This pace was soooooo different! I was searching, networking, searching, networking for 8-10 hours during the weekdays. I was also able to work on submitting my dissertation for publication, which succeeded! I tried to keep busy as I would always be during school, but career searching sucked out another kind of energy from me. I would submit 3-5 applications/resumes each day, and maybe only hear from 2 or 3 people each month. In a nutshell, it felt like I was spending every waking moment to submit my resume into a black hole.

Fast forward to seven months later, after a ton of lows... feeling as if I were stuck in this place where nobody wanted to take a chance on a newly grad, my faith being tested in every single way you can ever imagine, having my husband and family there to constantly pick me up, encouraged by the scripture and growing closer to our Heavenly Father, here I am! Starting a new career back home!! Moving to the South Bay area in So Cal, close to the beach and even closer to the sun (well, through all that smog, the sun is somewhere)!! I am SO thankful... SO blessed.... SO grateful. Those scary moments that I wasn't able to open up because I let fear get the best of me are GONE. I'm learning to knock down that fear with faith! I'M COMIN' HOME!!

*Funny Story* I made a sign when we went home for Spring Break saying, "Dear O'Hana, We're hooome!!" and posted it in my aunt's house. As soon as word hit the street that I was offered THE job, my little cousin sent me this picture, and she added "... we're MOVING BACK hooome FOREVER!!"  How adorbs is she?!?!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Pinning... in a New Way

I am determined for this post to work! This is the second time I'm attempting to put the entire post together, being that the first one was a major FAIL once I hit "preview." If this one goes live, hallllllellllluuujjjjjjuerrrr! I'm not sure if you guys have already transitioned to the new Pinterest, but I sho did. The pinning features are pretty user-friendly, which I can appreciative... BUT to actually post and embed the pins on your blog... another story.

Thank goodness for Michelle's lovely tutorials. She's pretty html savvy, and I aspire to be in her shoes one day! If you need help embedding your pins for The Vintage Apple's OHP linkup, click here.

From what I spilled yesterday, I'm super anxious to get back in my arts and craft game once I'm settled! Hence the DIY inspiration I've been pinning lately!

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