Sunday, February 26, 2012

I wanna MARRY the night!

What did a nap at 7pm do for me today? Made me wide awake at midnight, and probably will be for a bit longer!

It's been such a busy and productive day today that I haven't had time to blog about our wedding planning progress :( BUT... it's never too late!

We've been brainstorming about the invitations since we did our STD's. My goal was to get them done and out by end of February, and I'm still working on making up my mind with the design of them. We're doing these on our own, just like the STD's... so it shall be (and is so far) a fun process! Thought I'd share some of the the thinking we've been walking through lately.

So since we're getting married in Maui, I'm thinking something to go with the beach feel, but also something to go with the mood we are trying to set for the big day... we're trying to make things Vintage-Hawaiian... like an old classy feel of Hawaii. There are tons of inspiration I'm getting from Etsy and Pinterest, which has been a huge help, but I'm not completely sold on one style (as of right now). I like a few different styles from different invitations, so I'm thinking I can pull things from a variety of things, and come up with our own!

Anyhoots, here are just a few that I like. I'm not thinking so much of exactly the color, or font necessarily, but more so a detail from each of the following (which I noted in the captions):

Love the packaging
Simple with a cute decal

Clearly simple
Goes along with our theme of STD's

We'll be tackling this project yet again tomorrow. It's surely been a long process for us, but I'm sure it'll be well worth this time in the end. I'll be sure to keep you updated with our final decisions and post them on here!

Also, I don't think I've shared our wedding website, which is another FUN thing I've been able to partake in the whole planning process. You can check it out here!! 

Happy Sat night, and I'll meet you here in a few hours for LOL Sunday ;)


The Sweet Life said... amazing does that sound? I have always wanted to do a destination wedding. Good luck with planning.

Beverly said...

Yes goooorl MAUI!! Never been and neither has the fiance which is why we chose it... new beginnings ;)

Happy Sunday girlfrann!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Maui is such a gorgeous place to get married!

kahili and brooke said...

Those invites are all so cute! Maybe since you are doing a destination wedding, a plane ticket type of invite would be appropriate? just an idea! so excited for you guys!

Beverly said...

thanks brookie!! I soo thought of a ticket or even a baording pass... that's a superb idea! BUT I think we finally made a decision... well we DID make a decision, and they are now being created (as we speak). We're creating em from scratch, so we did keep it simple, but modern and cute... I hope!! Xoxo

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