Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday FUNday!!

Happy Monday my peeps! Hope you all had a superb weekend!

With Monday being FUNday, I thought I'd change it up a bit from not only including just DIY projects... I wanna blog about anything and everything that should make a Monday a fun one! Whether it be a new link-up with a fellow blogger, or talking about something exciting on Monday... we should look at the bright side of things especially on a day where most people drag going to work and/or school!

So today, I am linking up with Jessica at Lovely Little Things, and I'll blog about her Smell the Roses task. If you're new to this, it's a great way of appreciating the small things. We all get so caught up in routine and are super busy with work, school, and just life! So Jessica assigns a new task each Monday to help you slow down, and smell the roses ;)

Last week, the task was to try something new. This was something I was able to team up with my fiance, and we did something new together. We painted our kitchen table and chairs. We've been really into fixing up the house by sprucing it up a bit... one item and one room at a time. So this past week, we painted the kitchen table to give a fresh new look to it.

The only suckie thing is that I didn't get any before pictures (I kind of suck at this...I'm always excited to get started, I don't think about capturing the before, but I'm working on it!).

All we have left to do to complete this project is to put some new cushions on the chairs. We didn't get around to it this weekend as planned b/c I was feeling a bit under the weather (wahhhh). Anyhoots, when we get to it, I'll be sure to post those pictures so you can see the final look ;)

Want to share something new you did this past week? Link up with Jessica at Lovely Little Things, and stop and Smell the Roses.

Lovely Little Things


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I am loving the color that you guys chose!
SO fun :)

And don't worry - I'm so bad about taking pictures of what I do throughout the week! I only remember to take pictures of my cat and food lol.
I'm working on it ;)

Thanks for linking up - you're the best!

Jamie said...

Love that color :)

My hubby and I took on the task of painting our dresser and nightstands a few months ago. They turned out good but we also learned a lot in the process.

Take care,

Molly said...

I love the bright color you chose. I am so excited to get started on our diy projects.

Jaclyn said...

orange! it is such a great color!

Beverly said...

Thanks!! sounds like we both need to do a better job at before pictures... and same here!! I only remember to take TONS of pics of my dogs :)

Always love when I can support a fellow blogger!!

Beverly said...

Thanks girl!! OMG... show me some pics!! I'd love to see other paint jobs so we can get some good tips ;)

Beverly said...

Thanks girl! It kind of pops in our kitchen.. being that we have some dark colored furniture :)

Beverly said...

Why thank you goooorl!! Thanks for stopping by!

Allison Taylor said...

wow, that table is amazing! never would have thought of that color, but i think it looks fantastic. I definitely need to do something new as well....

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