Friday, September 28, 2012

Last H54F...

... of September!! How can I ever depart from this lovely link up with Lauren?? TGIF! I'm happy because of course it's Friday, but sad that it's our last Friday of September!! Dear time... don't go by so fast!!!

For now, let's focus on the happy feelings of Friday, shall we? Beginning of the weekend... a day away from our game against U of A... which means a parlayyyyy heyyyyyy!! Of course, I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk today... because it's F R I D A Y!! Counting down my top five fave moments of my week, here's a High Five for Friday!

:: one ::
Treated myself to this awesome possom album No Doubt released Tuesday! I will always be a fan of their music!! Love the new songs... think my fave might be Sparkle... or One More Summer... or all!!

:: two ::
My friends (aka my doggies) and I have been enjoying some mighty fine weather lately which makes our runs quite bliss.

:: three ::
I made my first batch of stuffed bell peppers for din din, and they came out DELISH (validated by my hubs)!! 

:: four ::
Had some fun putting together and sending out a care package for my younger cousin who just moved away from home for college... if you missed that post, read up on it here!

:: five ::
We are counting down until my Bestie Best gets murrrried!!! Just DAYS away from being a Mrs., and I couldn't be more excited for her!!
Isn't this the most gorg picture you've seen of a proposal?!?! In Cabo... by total surprise!!
Don't forget to link up for a High Five for Friday with Lauren!! Happy weekend my lovies!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

College Life

Being a recent college graduate, I can totes understand the pressure and stress this time of year. Getting your schedule together... having to add/petition for classes if they're all full... paying an arm and leg for a book that you hardly utilize since the lecture notes cover everything word for word from the book... and on and on and on! BUT, I am glad to say all the sweat and tears of college and grad school have given me the opportunity to connect eye to eye with many other college peeps who are currently or who will be going through what I went through.... in particular my family!

I have so many cousins that are smart, talented, whitty, and full of life and pizzazz!! Some have taken the route of taking care of their family, others have taken the working route, and some of taken the college route. A group of my younger cousins started college around the same time!! I'm so proud of each of them for wanting to pursue their education, despite if it's close to home or not!! It takes a lot of strength and courage to continue your education, and I am DAYUMMM proud of these adults kiddos!

My lil' cousin, Ke'ea, recently moved up north about 6 hours away from the family for school, and it's her first time out on her own... anddd the first kid her parents have to let go (wahhhh). She had a hard time leaving home, but she DID, and that's more than a lot of people can say who never have the guts to leave home! I was so happy and excited for her, but I sooooo wish I can be there for her as she goes through her home-sickness. The next best thing?? A care package of course!! Started with some basics, but it was fun to shop for college (okay... someone else's college term)!!

1. A mini vintage-styled frame for my pic by her beside (SIKE .... I bet you anything it'll be a pic of her doggy!) // 2. Pink rose notecards to send notes to her family and friends back home in style! // 3. Sunflower journal to document the goods in her freshman year // 4. A cute floral pen to write notes in a chic manner

And of course, it wouldn't be a full care package for this girl without her sweets!!
Do you get care packages? Or is it your turn to send em?? Keep in touch with your college students and keep em' goin!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mani OHP!

Oh my... if any of you caught that episode of SOA last night, how cray cray was that? Poor Ope got knocked the eff out!! WAHHHHHH....

Anyhoots, here's some common language if that just completely went over your head (although I must say... if you haven't started watching SOA, you NEED to start watching it now!!! Tuesday nights on FX at 10pm). WELP, happpppppy OHP Wednesday!! I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple to share my fave pins from Pinterest!

I haven't posted about mani's in awhile, so I thought I'd share some mani ideas I'm diggin'!

Source: via Beverly on Pinterest

Source: via Beverly on Pinterest

Do you have any mani's you've tried lately? What have you been pinning??


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Last HOORAHHH for Birchbox

Tuesday already, and I'm lovin' it!! As September winds down, I thought I would share my Birchbox that I finally received in the mail!! This will be my last Birchbox for now, as I decided to cancel my subscription for many reasons... one being that I never bought a full sized product b/c I just LOVED one of the samples they included. SO, I decided to cut costs, and live through the rest of you who are still subscribed!

Cheers to the last horrah of Birchbox for me! And I must say, I was totes satisfied for being the last box I'll be receiving since I've been waiting forever and a day to try out a twistband!

1. Color Club Nail Polish inspired by Fall 2012 Collections //  2. WEI to Go Sleep Over Kit (Cleanser and Moisturizing Face Tint) // 3. 21 Drops Focus Aromatherapy Blend // 4. Nexxus Split End Treatment System

The items I didn't capture by photo are my fave maroon colored twistband, and an uber Roasted Nut Roll bar that was nowhere near as good as a Payday!! All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with my last Birchbox!

What did you guys get? You'll have to fill me in with your future boxes now that I'll be living vicariously through you all!

ON A SIDE NOTE... anyone interested in getting down with some button swapping?? I wanna put more time into my buttoners, and would love to kick off October with some new, old, and friendly faces! Holllllah at me if you're interested!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Life Goes On

Goodbye... Farewell... Ciao... Toodles... Aloha... Tofa Soifua

Words that aren't always easy to say to others. Whether you're moving, leaving home for school, changing jobs, departing with a loved one as they start their eternal life... whatever the situation may be, saying goodbye is hard. I recently had to say goodbye to some people in my life, and I was sad, overwhelmed with gratitude, excited and nervous all at once. I'm not ready to go into detail with what my farewell was for, but in due time friends, I'll spill the deets when I'm ready.

What I am ready to share with you all are the feelings that I had, and will always have when saying farewell. It's a sad time to leave friendships that you have established, but it's also a time to celebrate a new beginning! I've been feeling scared and excited lately... scared that what's going to happen is unknown, but excited for a new chapter to begin!

You ever feel that you just want to redefine yourself? Start fresh? Become someone new and improved? That's the great part of farewells my friends... it's a time to celebrate a new YOU! I'm gonna miss some people I had to say farewell to, but guess what? Goodbyes are not forever, and I will always cherish the relationships I have built along the way. I may be sad now, but as they say....

Situations that I go through in my life may be difficult, but I feel they all serve a purpose. My life continues to go on, and through my experiences and life lessons I have learned, I will help anyone who needs it along the way.

Now for my LLL's of the week... what I loved, learned, and laughed about:

I la la LOVE the fact that we beat UCLA who was ranked number 19 in the top 25 this weekend!! The Beavs are now 2-0 and ranked number 19 in the AP Poll! WOOOOOOOP!

I learned that when I'm dealing with things in life, I am never alone. I have very sweet dear people in my life, and I am so blessed for the relationships I have established. A phone call from a dear friend out of nowhere made the world of a difference in my week!

My Aunty called me and told me the funniest story about my little cousin... he's in 2nd grade, going on to graduating high school! This kiddo is quite a character. He's been coming home bragging about his friend at school, which is all my Aunty has been hearing of lately. When my Aunty asks him, "Does he play football?"... my little cousin says, "Hmmm.... how should I say this Mom??... He's.... well, he's fragile. He doesn't like getting hurt!" LOL... F R A G I L E ... Are you kidding me?!

How was your weekend friends? Any LLL's of the week you wanna share?


Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Love... My Life

Why I love him so....

He helps build my self-esteem when I'm at my low's
He helps me remain humble and grateful when I'm at my high's
He comforts me in my stages of fear and uncertainty
When we have a disagreement, we rise up to be only stronger than we first were
He distracts my mind by taking me out on a date when I'm homesick
He calms me down when I'm frustrated at my doggies not cooperating on leash while I go for my run
He's my husband, and I love him more and more each day!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Pinning!

Since summer is my fave season of all mankind, it's so hard to get into the fall spirit! BUT, I did buy some candles the other day that smell like apple wood, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice... and they have helped transition my mood easier than the usual! So with some Pinspiration, I'm getting more into the fall spirit!

Here are some of my fave pins, as I link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for an OHP!!

What fall pins are your fave?? Link up with Michelle for an OHP!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Road Trip!

Isn't this just GORG? I promise no filters needed to make this beauty happen! We took an unexpected/on-the-fly road trip this weekend to Chico to visit our family and see my adorable lil' newphew!

I love that it was only a 7 hour drive vs. a 14 hour drive which is how long it takes us to go all the way home! 7 hours made life bliss!

And now onto my LLL's of the week! BTW- I'm still working on trying to make this a link-up for those of you who may be interested... gotta do some research on that one!

I love my family and how fortunate that it was a BYE weekend for us so we can make that sporadic trip!

This week, I learned that we can advise our loved ones to do what you think is at their best interest in life, but in the end, it's THEIR decision. Wishful thinking is so powerful that I tend to get frustrated when I think of why so-and-so won't just listen to me. BUT that's when I'm reminded that it's not my life, and I have no control over their decisions. All I am here to do is give my 2 cents (if asked), and support them no matter what happens in life!

I had a great chukkle as my hubs tried to move from the back seat to the front seat of the car while on our weekend road trip, and went head first... he got stuck (literally stuck) and couldn't move his legs to stretch out to the bottom of the seat... so he was in a frog-squatting position until I finished laughing to help him out! Too many funnies!

What were your LLL's of the week? Did you have a splendid weekend?


Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday

YAYY!! It's Friday once again! That means 2 days of trying to sleep in! Sadly, this weekend will be without Beaver football... it's our Bye week. BUT that doesn't mean we won't be watching Pac-12 football on TV! WOOOP!!

Of course, I'm High Fiving Friday with Lauren at From My Grey Desk. You know the drill with this link up! Here are my top five fave things of the week as I participate on High Five for Friday!


:: one ::
As you may recall from this post, we got that double-YOU and won our season opener, knocking out the #13 team, Wisconsin! We had family over for the game, and had a fun filled weekend!

:: two ::
I am in la la LOVE with my new bloggy design (thank you Ms. Audrey at The Kinch Life Designs!!)

:: three ::
I was and still am so excited that my BFF, LC, wrote a shout out to me this week, answering my Q&A for NYFW!

:: four ::
I submitted my first proposal to present at our big annual conference for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology this week! They receive a ton of proposals, and only select very few... very exciting process, and definitely a starter for me to condense my dissertation to submit for publication in journals.

:: five ::
This week has been another superb one full of sunshine and heat!! So much heat that the dogs have been dead doggy tired every day, especially after our run! The reward for me when our run is over is some peace and quiet (not to mention the calories burned).

What's been the happs with your week?? Link up with Lauren and spill!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NYFW Pinning!

Wednesday already, and I'm lovin' it! In good fun with New York's Fashion Week, I've been pinning lovely lines that are just adorbs on the runway (thanks to the inside scoop from LC!). Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple, cheers to an OHP!

Link up to share your fave pins of the week!

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