Monday, February 13, 2012

Get a Handle on This!

Happy Monday FUNday!! This week's DIY project was inspired but the one and only Pinterest (big shocker huh?!). My lovely sweetness of a fianc√© helped out with this one... actually he insisted! We spent quite a while at Home Depot... then Goodwill... then Yogurt Extreme to treat ourselves after the hard searching!

I own a lovely Pottery Barn jewelry box that I've had since I graduated from Cal State Fullerton years ago (a gift from the parents)! I've filled it over these years, and forget what lies in those compartments. So... when I saw this display board on Pinterest, I thought how perfect it would be to visually see your jewelry all laid out. I started with this, and will probably end up adding to it, AND adding more boards since only a few things were hung!


What a blissful piece of artwork....... I must say so myself ;) $10 well spent!!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

This is such a cute idea!
I'm not much of a DIYer (I try occasionally) but I think even I could do this!


Beverly said...

Thanks girlie! It was super fun... especially having a partner who was sooo into it! LOL

I KNOW you can do this! DIY's have become excitingly easy peasy! Start with something small, and work that confidence up!! :)

MeehSheen said...

I Freaking LOVVVVVVE this!!!!

Beverly said...

Thanks!! Not get to movin' and create one yo-self!

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

CUTE! What kind of board is that??

Beverly said...

Thank you! It's actually a "fancy" bulletin board I had... the background is made of a wicker type of material. If we used a plain bulletin board, we were thinking of covering it with a pretty material. Just a thought....

Happy weekend!

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