Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Act in Kindness Day

Second posting of the day, and I'm bahhhhh-da bahhh bahhhh bahhh... lovin' it (in the McDonald's tune). Today is officially Act in Kindness Day (well... in Tillamook County it is, and should be in all of America if you ask me). This day is in honor of Wendy and Shelby, a loving mother and daughter who tragically lost their lives in a car accident this very day one year ago. "Act in Kindness" is inspired by a memory that lives through kindness and generosity towards others, whether it be a compliment, a hello, thank you... whatever your heart desires. The website actually has a .pdf you can print out of Act in Kindness cards you can hand others as you show them gratitude, in hopes that they pass along the card to others as they show kindness... passing it on and on.

So I wanted to make note of things I've been doing today out of the kindness of my heart. But now that I'm actually writing this post, I really feel like these should be done on the regular... it's a blessing that the Act in Kindness day is here to remind us all of the small things that count in life and that make us all smile.

With that said... here are some things that I've done today:

  • I made it a point to say HELLO to every single person who walked through the office at work today (even if they didn't stop and were headed past me)
  • While passing by someone's office, I asked if he needed help with something (I noticed the blank stare he had)
  • I called a few family members and told them how much I appreciate them in my life
  • I tried to comment as much as I could on other blogs I read in my bloggy blog world
  • I went to Amy's core class this evening, and took 2 punches on my punch card (to pay for class)... one for me... and one for the gal behind me ;)
  • I bought my man some flavorful ingredients to make his breakfast for the morning
  • I didn't think negative thoughts when someone cut me off on my way home from Zumba tonight!
There it is my friends!! Acts in kindness today... which are really a part of my every day life :)

The sad and tragic loss of Wendy and Shelby hit home for me today... I've lost many family members near and dear to my heart, and just thinking about each and every one of them makes me love even harder. So do something kind and generous for your loved ones, strangers, friends, co-workers, WHO EVER... just cause!


MeehSheen said...

LOL @ I didn't think negative thoughts when someone cut me off...hahaha! Good Job boppi!

Beverly said...

I really did restrain my thinking... even though it was too myself ;)

Jessica said...

The last one is my favorite haha
I have the WORST road rage.
Reallllly need to work on that :)


Beverly said...

Don't we ALL have road rage?! Especially when you're late and it's the entire worlds' fault!! Takes some patience and deeeeep breaths to get through it ;)

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