Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday FUNday!

Happy Monday (evening)!! A bit later than anticipated.. the weekend in Chico drained us and couldn't get this done last night. SOOO here I be... with my DIY doneZO :)

In honor of February being lover's month, I based my DIY craft off of some la la love in the air! Thanks to Agnela at PoodlePoodles, I was able to create this lovely heart garland from things I had in my home! I changed it a bit... instead of framing the hearts, I created a garland-type decoration. And instead of using only 2 hearts, I doubled it using 4... and VOILA!

Scrapbook paper and/or colored construction paper
Rafia (if you use rafia, the hearts will stay put as you string them on)

Materials you need to get started

1. Cut out your hearts... 4 cut out hearts make one full heart-charm
2. Glue each side of the heart together until you have all 4 hearts glued to each side
3. String the hearts through the rafia and space them out as desired
4. I added small bows at the top for extra umph, but totally up to you. 
* You can even have one full garland and string in in loops around your chimney, or wherever your little heart desires!

Happy Hearts Month my friends! Wanna share any of your nifty crafts for this special month??


MeehSheen said...

It came out so good! Super cute ;)

Angela said...

Oh I LOVE it! So cute!

Thanks for the mention :)

Beverly said...

Thanks! Now you try ;)

Beverly said...

Of course! Thanks for the idea... I saw a few similar things on Pinterest (of course) but had to try the folding hearts when I saw them on your blog. Happy Tuesday!

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