Button Up

I'd la la LOVE to spread the love and add some of your fancy buttons on my blog!! Swapping buttons is a superb way of getting the word out there of how awesome you are... andddd your network just builds tremendously!!

If you're interested in swapping buttons, or even possibly guest posting, email me and let's get this party started!! For the month that we swap, I will:

  • Post your pretty button on my sidebar
  • Feature a short blurb about you during that month on a post
  • Show some love by tweet-a-leeting!

1 comment:

Angela Joy Holmes said...

I'd love to talk button swapping with your lovely site! For some reason my browser isn't allowing me to open your email info?
Email me at fashionablecentsblog@gmail.com if you're at all interested.

Have a great day doll!
XO Angela

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