Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Night Lights

Soooo this post is a bit later than expected, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! Work and school have been ooberly busy that my brain gets so tired by the time it reaches about 7pm or so, and I still have things that are left unchecked in my planner. BUT then I remember as this day winds down how big the smile is on my face every time I get a chance to blog away. So here I am... free fallin' on this Thursday evening with a kool aide smile on my face as I type away.

Today was absolutely stunning outside. Sun was shining, blue skies and maybe one fluffy white small cloud the size of a cotton ball.... sooooo a Cali day in Oregon today, and I am soooo grateful for it! Maybe the positive vibes are contagious from yesterday... after all it was signing day for football, and Oregon State did pretty well with their 2012 recruiting class! I can't wait to see what the season holds for us this upcoming year. Our O-line is gonna look pretty "beasty"... so these boys are terming it now. I miss the football games in the off-season, but the bright side is absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Here's some football pictures from previous seasons... just doesn't capture all the FUN this game brings!

BTW, that 's my BIL (brother in law) in the top picture, orange jersey. That's right... he 's a BEAV, which made us all Beavs! :)

Til tomorrow my friends...

P.S. You get the reason behind my title? Friday Night Lights... Football... hence the theme of this post... welp hope you get it NOW lol.

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MeehSheen said...

Zannng what happened to the civil war pics smh lol

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