Friday, August 3, 2012

Top Five and a Wedding Reveal!

TGIF Baby!! I hope you all have smiles on your face as I do at this moment simply because it's FRIDAY HEYYYYY!!!

Once again, I'll be linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for a High Five for Friday! And this one is juicy!! I told you yesterday that I had some beans to spill about a special moment on our ceremony day, which I am sooo giving you the deets below (number five)! Let's begin our count down of the five most fave things of my week, shall we??


:: one ::
My family was here for the weekend and oh what a blissful one it was!! We hiked each day they were here (Fri, Sat, and Sun) and on a different trail each day!! The photos came out stunning!! Check em out on Instagram (@SnapBevSnap)! Anyhoots, they came down for a close family friend's wedding, which was stunning!! Total country wedding and gorgeous couple they make!!

:: two ::
Check out this weather forecast for this weekend... yes... that means we'll be at the river with the doggies soaking up this heat!!

:: three ::
I attempted to make cupcake meatloaf... inspired by Pinterest, of course. I saw a fellow bloggette posted her recipe, which finally inspired me to try em out! Besides my husband didn't want spaghetti and I had to use the turkey ground beef!! WARNING...Picture doesn't do justice as to how they tasted!

:: four :: 
A week from NOW, I'll be home getting hyped for our family reunion, and I - C A N T - W A I T!!!

:: five ::
The hubs and I wrote our own vows... and long story short, the Reverend almost forgot to let me say my own vows, even after repeating after his vows. Seriously, if it wasn't for me whispering as I turned away from the audience to get my ring from my MOH, "Excuse me... I NEED to say my own vows..." he wouldn't have remembered that I had my own words for this guy I was marrying!! So he announced that the floor was all mine... and I began to read from my index cards (you honestly don't think I would memorize each precious word I wanted to tell him... even after NUMEROUS amounts of rehearsals reading my vows to my gooorls!!). SO what I want to share with you all is that...

I TOTES INCORPORATED LOVE, LEARN, AND LAUGH INTO MY VOWS TO MY HUSBAND. I promised to love him (and some...), I promised to learn with him (and some...), and I promised to laugh with him... sometimes at him (true story). This blog is a part of my life, and I really came up with the title based off of some of my lowest lows, through my highest highs.. if that makes sense? Anyhoots, I thought of you all while I wrote them, and how much it really means to me literally to love, learn, and laugh in life!


Anonymous said...

I have been dying to try and make cupcake meat loafs. The pictures just get better and better, so gorgeous.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I think it's so awesome how close your family is...I love it :)

And that last picture...melts my heart!


BlushnCheeks said...

Awww love number five.

Amber said...

Your vows sound lovely! You made a beautiful bride! Congratulations to you and your new husband :)

Happy Friday!
Amber @ Tiny Turtles

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH YOU TRIED IT! (the pinterest meatloaf that is)
How did you like it??!?!? :) :)
I LOVED that y'all did personal vows, i think it makes the day that much more special! :)

Niki said...

Awwww I love that you personalized your vows and incorporated love, learn and laugh! They sound so beautiful!!!

Amy Powell said...

oh that picture of you is totally precious! what a great moment :) and sounds like you had a ton of fun with your family!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! <3 Amy from Interpret As You May
{Giveaway going on now at Would love to see you there!}

Bree said...

Gahh the last picture is making me all teary!! :'(

And I totally LOVE that you used "love-learn-laugh" so perfect!


Anonymous said...

I love how you do so much fun stuff with your family! and the picture of you saying your vows is beautiful- I love it!

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