Monday, August 27, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

This weekend there were some mighty fine celebrations back home! One being my Aunt's birthday parlayyy full of some good ol' Samoan food that warms the soul, and some good sweet family time! My Aunt has been an amazing mother figure to me... and the rest of my family! There are no words to describe my appreciation for her love since the day I was born, but I'll give it a shot anyhoots! She is the one to never turn her back on our family, through thick and thin... she's the one who always has what I need before even asking her for it... she's the one to encourage and motivate me at each point in my life... she's the youngest of 14 siblings, and the one with my grandmother's heart... she's my Aunty ONE and I love her past the moon!

Aunty ONE, me, and my other mother/aunty, Aunty June

Another celebration that I sadly wasn't home for was my Bestie's bridal shower!! She's the one in the white, as you probably have guessed already! These are 5 of the 7 of us lucky bridesmaids who get to be with her as she becomes a MRS.! Her bridal shower was a burlesque theme, and from the pictures I swooned over, was extremely cute!! She's been there for me through it all, especially graduate school! She was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding, and we were so blessed to have her and her awesome possom fiancé in Maui with us to celebrate some SUPERB times!! I can't wait to reunite with her, especially for her BIG day that can't come soon enough! We shall fist pump like no other and celebrate the new chapter in her life!

And thennnnnn.... last night I missed one of my younger cousin's 21st birthday parlay! How fun it would have been there to sang a sweet song at her karaoke party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KITTY KAT RACHA!!!

So many celebrations that make me super home sick, but I'm trusting that His plan is entirely for a reason!

And now, for my LLL's of the week... What I loved, laughed, and learned about!

I absolutely loveeee that one of my gal pals asked mwuah for some blogging tips and tricks... not that I'm a pro or anything, but I was still able to share some basics that others were able to share with me! I love hearing about my friends starting their own blogs... I honestly love my blogging community and the fact that we all bring each other new things each and every day! Check her out!! Her name is Whitney (to me she be Whit Whit!) and she blogs over at High Heels & Carhartts... stop by and show her some love!

I learned about an opportunity to present my dissertation at the biggest annual conference for SIOP (Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.), and I am SO excited to keep the wheels turning with this while it's still fresh in my mind. Submitting is one thing, but getting accepted is a whole other ball park! I shall keep you all filled in!

My hubs and I watched 21 Jump Street this weekend, and I seriously cracked up the entire time!! Jonah HIll and Channing Tatum were hilarious together! If you haven't see it, I totes recommend it... who doesn't laugh while reminiscing through the high school days?!

Did you have any celebrations this weekend? How about your LLL's?


Brook said...

Happy birthday to you aunty! I am adding 21 Jump Street to my list - I could use a good laugh. xoxo

Steph said...

I love the bridal shower theme! Yes, 21 Jump Street was hilarious!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Isn't family great? My hubby and I also loved 21 jump street!! Hope you have an amazing day you beautiful girl!!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Isn't family great? My hubby and I also loved 21 jump street!! Hope you have an amazing day you beautiful girl!!

Amy said...

<3'd this post! :)

Les said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful people! :) Hope you have a fabulous week!

I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

Domestic Sweetheart said...

Love these pics and your blog!

Brielle said...

LOVED 21 jump street :) and your friend's white dress is to die for - so pretty!!!

kahili and brooke said...

I LOVE that pic of you, auntie one and auntie june! so cute!

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