Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LC kinda Pinning!

And a Happy August 1st to you!! Can't believe it's August of 2012!! ZANNNNG, this year has just passed me by... so many celebratory times already, and many more to come! For now, let's celebrate today being Wednesday, shall we??

Time to break from the wedding series, and have some fun with pinning our hearts away! I'm linking up with the lovely adorable Michelle at The Vintage Apple, and saying cheers to another Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

I'm saluting my pins to my bestie, Lauren Conrad! If you haven't seen any of her new Crafty Creation videos, check em out!! You won't be disappointed!

:: one ::
Bib Necklaces

Pinned here

:: two ::
Pinned here

:: three ::
Washer Bracelets
Pinned here

:: four ::
Floral Arrangements
Pinned here

:: five ::
Meet the parents!
Pinned here

:: six ::
New Job!
Pinned here

:: seven ::
First day back to school!
Pinned here 

:: eight ::
Coffee with friends!

Pinned here

:: nine ::
Pinned here

:: ten ::
Pinned here

What have you been pinning away lately? Don't forget to link up!


BlushnCheeks said...

I didnt even know LC was doing these. I will have to watch them. I adore her. Love the rest of the pins too. It always nice to see appropriate pins for certain occasion. Chow baby.

Tyler said...

Stopping by from the Vintage Apple, and I love your post :) She's so pretty!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Holla gurl!!
Love all the outfits- You make me feel ashamed of my closet now- wanna a go shopping? (imagine that eh!!)
What's it like having other Pinterest priorities other than wedding items?? Crazy eh!
Have a happy day!!

Lori said...

Enjoyed your pins!!! and also your gorgeous wedding pictures below!!

Amy said...

Gah ...her style is just flawless, it kills me!

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