Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July's Birchbox

Happy Tuesday lovely ladies!! I know I'm a bit late for my Birchbox show and tell, but I really wanted to share this one with you guys because I've been using the products in it and I'm lovin' it!

First off, isn't the box pretty and colorful?? Loved last month's theme incorporating the five senses!

 :: taste it ::
These minteas are delish!! They have just the perfect hint of cocoa in em, but they're not too sweet (like the orange tic tacs) where you wanna eat the entire can at once!

 :: smell it ::
I love me some sample perfumes, and this new Harvey Prince Hello scent is refreshing and light... just the hint of summer you need!

:: hear it ::
How cute are these watermelon buds?? My fave item thus far!

:: touch it ::
I've been dying for one of these beautyblender's... and honestly it's one of the reasons I joined Birchbox! I saw on someone's blog the review for this pretty lil' foundation sponge, and was willing to wait for one of em! Wish come true... but kinda' shattered dreams! After giving it a few shots with my concealer, I'm not as big of a fan... it soaked up almost all of my concealer before I even got to spread it over my face! Still cute though!

:: see it ::
This stila lip gloss is another one of my faves!! The tint of pink is perfect and I can so dig the brush! I have another gloss like it that clicks, but the color of this gloss wins me over!

I saw many of you received similar items as I did last month, so I hope everyone was tickled pink like I was. I just hope August is just as pleasing as July!


Amy Powell said...

that sounds like a really cute theme for the month. hope you enjoy some of those products!

Molly said...

I love those earbuds! I haven't tried birchbox but those minteas look really cool.

Niki said...

I'm jealous of your beautyblender! And that jouer tinted moisturizer has become a staple for me! I just bought the full size!

Anna said...

I loved the Birchbox for July! Great stuff!


Bree said...

Oooh looks like fun! :)) I love lip gloss with the brush like that! My favorite. :D

So sorry your beauty blender didn't work out like you had hoped! I have that problem with using any type of foam thing to put makeup on. So I just use the brush it comes with and then my ring fingers. (least strong fingers)

Hope you're having a lovely week!


Mandi said...

i'm a birchbox subscriber too! I thought the headphones were nice touch - but oh man i want that sponge!

Amy said...

Yay for birchbox!
I'm actually thinking of going a different route with monthly "samples" and UNsubscribing from Birchbox, gasp i know!

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