Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bathroom Makeovers

Good Tuesday Morning!! The sun is shining, which is making my morning just splendid! We had a scare yesterday and Sunday... the sun was gone, and it even drizzled! WOMP!! But today is a new day, and it's shining brighter than ever! Hip hip HOOORAYYY!!

One of the benefits of getting married (besides sharing the rest of your life with the man of your dreams), is getting some new goodies!! And we are still getting some of those goods, thanks to our amazing family and friends!!

It's one thing to be showered with gifts, but it's another to actually be in the mood to cleaning, re-organizing, and all that fun-ness goin' on! SO, I finally was in the mood last night (you can't let the time fool you... when you're in the mood, you're IN THE MOOD!).

I wanna share my bathroom makeovers! Starting off with my FAVE restroom in the master bedroom. Why is this my fave? THE RUFFLED CURTAIN MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT! My Step-Mom got us this adorbs curtain and matching towels from Pottery Barn... the Disneyland of home goods!

This collage of snapshots are in the guest bathroom, including our new Nautica bath rugs, and my FAVE towels ever from Bed, Bath, and Beyond!!! We actually got more towels than we can display at once, but the more the merrier!!

We even had an audience last night, patiently waiting for attention on our bed. Marley was sprawled out on the entire bed (along with laundry), so Moana (choc lab below) chose to lounge on our pillows! Funny doggie!

Have you made over anything in your house lately? Any new pieces that inspired you to totally give a room a makeover? Please do share!


Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Lookin' good! Your house is a home!! We also got SO many towels for shower and wedding gifts- we have a bunch put away for future use!!
Have a happy Tuesday lady!!

Brielle said...

LOVE all the ruffles! So exciting :)

Bree said...

Gorgeous shower curtain! My guest bathroom needs a makeover. We're having guests this weekend and I'm feeling embarrassed by our lack of cuteness in the guestroom and bathroom. *sad*

Loveurblogs said...

I love the curtains they are so awesome. I have such great taste. Lol. Lalalalalalala loves u Fo Eva

Ese boos mom said...

Loveurblogs....hmmm...you remind me of someone very cool. I lalalala loves bev fo eva as well..but only cause she has such a cool bathroom...sike!!

Leshia said...

I am in love with the ruffles! I wish my husband would let me have something this fun and feminine in our bathroom. Great job!

Bronx Shower Doors said...

I love the new towels

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