Thursday, August 16, 2012

Family Weekend

Why am I home/family-sick? THIS is why!! A weekend full of family smiles, sunshine, and love!

My cousin ran for Ms. Taupou at the Samoan Flag Day

Showing love for the ones who built our foundation

Our talent show

Beach Day
Girls of the Fam

Boys of the Fam

I just love and miss each and every one of them!! Let me tell you... if you live near your family, enjoy every second of being with them... for those are the moments you will cherish the most!


Ashley said...

I would be home sick too. I'm glad my family was able to visit this weekend...otherwise I would be!!!

Great family reunion!! I know you're missing them :-)

PS. I performed the Hawaiian wedding dance at my wedding...Part of my family is Tongan and they taught it to me! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! And that everyone loved blue. It also looked like you guys had so many fun activities planned! I hope you get to see them again soon :)

his little lady said...

how cute are all of they? who wouldn't miss them! adorable!
xo TJ

Brooke Edwards said...

Your family looks like SO much fun! You all are having a blast in every picture! I can see why you are missing it!

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