Thursday, August 30, 2012

People Pleaser? Nahhhh

Galatians 1:10

Guess where I pulled this lovely sparkly picture from (not the scripture of course, but the lovely button)?? MY BRAIN! That's right... I created this one myself! SHABOOOOYA!!!

A few weeks ago I posted about focusing on making myself happy (you can catch up quickly here). I receive daily scriptures by email, and this verse totes reminded myself of that post! I am SO grateful to be reminded of what I already know so I don't lose sight of our road to happiness.

I thought this was a great scripture to share with you all because we all fall short some times, at work, in our personal lives, at school... wherever it may be! It becomes so exhausting to please others... emotionally and physically exhausting! So why consume our energy doing so, when we should be focusing on remaining a servant to Christ!

Have a SUPERB Thursday... I sure will as I remind myself that nobody needs approval of my life (except my husband of course since it is our life!) and Christ!


Southern Beauty Blogger:) said...

This is really pretty tks for sharing! :)

Amy said...

One of my favorite scriptures. It definitely is SO IMPORTANT for us to stop daily, check our motives, and figure out where we are taking our joy from each day!
Thanks for sharing Beverly!

Amy said...

That's so cool that you made that pic! And I love that verse, it's so true. Sometimes I find myself focusing WAY too much on what others think of me. It's nice to remember that the only opinion that matters is Christ's, and good thing He loves me a whooole lot :)

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Girl you are a superstar!! Look at your creative genius!!! I am so happy to call you my bloggy-friend!!! I will be using this!
Happy Thursday!!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

This post is JUST what I needed to readddd :)
You da best!


Loveurblogs said...

You are so motivating babe :) like I always say "if you put positive out you'll get positive back" it takes too much energy to mad all the time. We only can control what we have control over. I la la loves you. I'm gonna go to sleep now :)

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