Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Zsa Zsa Zsu

Don't you just loveeeeee some Carrie Bradshaw?? I have fell more in love with Sex and the City in the past few years... maybe because they play episodes back to back on two different channels!

Watching re-runs has been making my obsession with all four ladies grow tremendously, but more-so with Carrie than the rest of em! Her style... her whitty humor... the way she analyzes men and relationships, and most importantly the way she makes writing look so chic!

In each episode, she has an intense moment alone where she is deep in thought as she comes up with a question or catch phrase. And that's the moment I swoon over! It seriously makes me want to sit nearside my window while I blog (check), sipping on a martini/glass of wine/cup of coffee or orange juice (check), smoking a cigarette (NO check there, but it's so Carrie Bradshaw!), and thinking about a way to interpret my life with a cute little catch phrase using, "Zsa Zsa Zsu."

Blogging has been superb for me... I get to write whatever I want about the happs in life, and read tons of other life stories. The process of blogging is actually really relaxing too... sitting at my nice glass desk near my window with shear curtains, while I sip on something with a few lit candles... sometimes a fresh bouquet of flowers nearside me... ahh yea!! I just hope you're having as much fun blogging as Carrie has with writing her columns!

As Carrie described the excitement of having butterflies in your tummy when you are passionately in love (or lust) with someone, I can't help but wonder.... is blogging my new Zsa Zsa Zsu?



Melissa said...

She really is such a stylish woman!

<3 Melissa

Jo said...

You make blogging sound romantic!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I love me some Carrie :)
I follow her on Twitter (fake account haha) and catch myself retweeting/favoriting a lot of tweets from that account!

Adam makes fun of me for watching that show, but what can I say...guilty pleasure!

LOVE YOU giiiirl!
As long as you're blogging, I'll be reading!

Marlen said...

Haha you totally did that pause thing at the end!! I will never ever get over that show, I've had to see each episode about 20 times and I'll still watch it. She's one of the reasons I want to be a writer so bad...and move to New York.

his little lady said...

Oh gosh, I just read the title and right away knew that this was about Sex and the City! Absolutely love Carrie Bradshaw! I should have been her for Halloween!
And blogging is definitely my zsa zsa zsu ;)

Simone Iantorno said...

Totally love the idea that blogging is your new zsa zsa zsu! Great post! And yes, Carrie Bradshaw is awesome! That show was awesome at showing character development! Love it!


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