Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello Sunshine!!

It's days like these where I don't mind waking up in Oregon. We get a break from the rain until Saturday, and I am OH so excited!! 

All this talk lately about change, fear and everything else I've been feeling lately... Welp, long story short, hubs and I are looking into changing our scenery soon... which means counting down our days in this beautiful nature-filled state. I can't say what, where or when we're checking out, but what I can share is that we are surely taking in all this clean air, and appreciating every second of it!  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves! 

Happy Thursday friends!!


Anonymous said...

I'm excited your you guys and your change! Change is good :) and these pictures are beautiful!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Can I come visit you before you move? It is gorgeous there! Nothing like the Sunshine State that's for sure, haha!

I hope you enjoy every last second where you are now, girl! And I also hope that you get excited for the things to come too ::)


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos. I'm loving your bloggy blog.

Jo said...

wow that is quite a view ... enjoy every moment of it!

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