Thursday, January 19, 2012


American Idol Season 11 is back in full effect! la la LOVE this show so much... reminds me of some good ol' family time. We used to sit together and watch the auditions from day one all the way through the finale! This is the 11th season in a row we have indulged on some good (and bad) singing, and I must say... I feel comfortable enough to judge the projected voices in the show. I can call out something just as quick and true as Simon did (awww... miss him!). True story!

I am so intense with giving AI (American Idol) my full undivided attention, that I shut someone down immediately if they try to talk during someones audition! Ground rules are known in my house... no talking while someone is singing, and volume is turned up to the MAX!

I know some of the auditions are re-donkulous BUT who doesn't love a great laugh?! And there are those tear-jerker stories of the trials and tribulations that contestants go through that make you so sad... and next thing you know you catch yourself widening the whites of your eyes just to prevent the tears from rolling down your cheeks as your fellow AI watchers stare you down! Good fun times!!

Here are some of my personal favorites from Savannah auditions last night:

  • Gabi Carruba (16) sang Sunday Morning and WOW... such a sweet young girl with amazing voice control!! She sure did make that song her own, and I'll be looking out for this natural singer!
  • Amy Brumfield (24) sang Super Woman and dizzzzannnnng she has some soul!! Reminds me so much of Crystal Bowersox! They featured her living situation, which is in a tent in the forest. Sadly enough this is the reality of some people who haven't had a chance to recover from the recession :(
  • Lauren Mink (25) sang Country Strong, and gave me the goosebumps!! The fact that I love that movie, and she sang it with such conviction that she was Gwyneth Paltrow made me fall in love with her!

You MUST watch Phillip Phillips Superstitious and Thriller... oh em geeee that guy is so talented!! This video only has his Superstitious audition, but check out his Thriller rendition while jammin' on his guitar (he jams so intensely, he breaks a string at the end!). Love when they show Steven Tyler's facial expressions.. makes me feel the soul patrol!

Did you guys have a favorite? How about the funniest audition? Can't wait to hear what you thought of the season opener!


MeehSheen said...

How bout the guy from Africa...talofae! LOL

systerrrr said...

Philip Philips is the one to beat! and cause' we share the first and last name... PHILIPP, minus the one L and S... same fing!

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