Thursday, January 26, 2012

Music to my ears

I was one of those people who looked confused when others say "I listen to ALL kinds of music!" ummmm.... how is that possible?! How is that an answer? What does that mean?!

I'll tell you what it means... as I just found out myself! I have tons of Pandora stations set up without being aware of what's really going on! Then I look at my YouTube favorites, and spread across the board are litterally ALL kinds of music!

Reggae, rock, classical rock, country, pop, rap, and my favorite music of ALL mankind... my Samoan jams! I looooooove me some Samoan music... puts me in the bayyyst mood evahhh!

It's really like a collection of life events from when I was a kid and had no say so in what radio station we were listening to... to going to the infamous reggae concerts in college... to cleaning my own apartment while I fancy some wine :) These memories that I continue to build with music can never be taken away from me, and every single song has a story imprinted in my heart!

In light of a fine Thursday afternoon, I want to share just a few of my favorites with you:

Hard to pick videos, espeically if they're not actually videos, but you can press play and jam out while you work away, or read, or clean, or whatever your heart desires!

Happy Thursday Bloggers!

1 comment:

systerrrr said...

did I ever tell u I la la love the times/memories when u played ur jams in the Jetta ...... Miss it and the jetta!

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