Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Study What? Study Who? Study WHERE?

Good Tuesday America! The sun is peeking out this fine day, and it feels amazing (even though it's still in the 40-50's)!

I'm gonna dig right in on this Educate Me Tuesday, and talk about your personal space you have for homework, reading, studying, and some! Some of us are library students... we NEED to be in the library to concentrate... to be away from temptations of talking on the phone, or surfing the internet, or watching tv. Or maybe we just can't concentrate with any background noise, and the library is the only quiet place you can concentrate. ORRRR maybe you like studying around others who are studying or working beside you. Whatever the case is, library's are suberb studying environments. You have access to all resources you need (on shelf and electronically), and you can reserve meeting rooms for group meetings, or you can stay in a quiet corner to work on your own!

If you have the discipline to work from home without indulging in any distractions (or maybe even minimal distractions), then there are a few things I'd like to share with you.

  • Read or attempt to work from  your bed
  • Leave the tv on in the "background"
  • Leave Facebook or Twitter up as a tab in your web browser if you're researching online
  • Set up a desk and chair for you to work from (or the dining/coffee table)
  • Leave music on in the background at a very minimal level (love the Starbucks station on Pandora!)
  • Leave up your Library website on your web browser, as it is full of helpful resources
I made the guest bedroom in my apartment an office, and I have things set up for me in a way that is most comfortable. I put a bulletin board (two) above my screen in front of me so that I can stick post-its and important documents up there instead of sticking them on or around my computer. When things get stacked or cluttered around my working area, I lose concentration because I want to "de-clutter," which means I"ll need breaks, and then there goes my time! Try and keep your working area as clean and simple as possible.

I'm the kind of person who gets excited over new pens, pencils, notebooks... anything new! I'm also the type of person who will work harder with cute decor around me! With the help of Pinterest, I've been able to get a zillion ideas of how to step up your home office, including things as simple as placement of your desk and chair. Here are just a few things you can get started on in your home office:

Add shelving paper in your bookcase

Hang some organizers on the wall rather than placed on your desk

Keep it simple

Whatever it is that helps you get in your zone and study like there's no tomorrow, DO IT! Think about the type of environment that truly works best for you, and then tailor your needs for that environment. If you're working at school or at the library, make sure you have all your supplies you need to work without any hesitations. If you're working from home, make sure you have a space to work comfortably that doesn't consist of your bed!

What works for you?

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