Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday FUNday!

Happy Monday FUNday! I know I'm a bit off-scheduled, and I'm deviating from the plan of my DIY project today, BUT I was under the weather this weekend, and just started feeling normal (whatever that means!) yesterday. With that said, I'll still post a DIY this week... just not today.

Who say's we still can't have a Monday FUNday though?! Pshhhhhht..... I'm not giving up on that FUN! :)

Yesterday, I had the itch to move around... I was so tired of being in bed and in the house. SO, we took the doggies for a stroll, and I got moving on the closet! About time, right?! After all I did buy those nifty hangers last weekend!

Wall #1 Before
Wall #1 After

Wall #1 After

This other wall was a struggle. The closet door opens inward (inside the closet), which interferes with my closet space! After thinking of how to make the most of ALL space in my closet, I opted to leave the door wide open, which gives me SO much more room on the racks! Now I can see everything, opposed to going inside my closet and shutting the door to look at everything. I'll be working on putting up a curtain instead of having the door!

Anyhow, I'll post pics of the other wall when I finish my creation ;) It's still a work in progress... but one thing at a time, one day a time, one idea at a time. I love organizing just to re-organize later down the road!


MeehSheen said...

Nice! Love the new I see what you were talking about. KAIIIAVVVSUMMM! lol

Beverly said...

Thanks sole. I gotta post pics of the other wall... but waiting until I work on it more :)

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