Saturday, January 28, 2012

144 days and counting!

MARRY Saturday folks! 144 days left until I utter the words "I do" and I get more and more excited each and every day!

This week I revisited our budget we have set, and discovered how real it is becoming. We are not using a wedding coordinator, which means it's all up to us.... the timing, decorating for the ceremony and the reception, investing time for all the DIY's we'll be indulging in, researching all vendors by email and phone since we're far from a canoe ride to Maui... the whole shabang! Luckily we have wonderful family and friends to help us get through these things... one at a time!

So what's in the bag already?? 

1.  We confirmed the house for the week... which the wedding party and our parents will be housed AND the ceremony and reception will be held

2.  We're getting the groomsmen's' shirts made from our wonderful family in Samoa (thanks to MIL)!

3.  We bought our tickets to Maui

4.  We have our colors picked

More to come with planning and researching on:

  • Invitations (hope to be done in February)
  • Caterer (almost confirmed with one in Maui)
  • DJ or Band 
  • Florist
  • Cake
  • Photographer (we have a great gal in Maui we're ALMOST confirmed with)
  • Videographer (if it's in our budget!)
  • Wedding Dress Shopping
  • BM's Dress Shopping

Any tips? Suggestions? Bring it on my friends :)


systerrrr said...

What a metropolitan ice cream wedding... ummmm lol luv u can't wait...!

Beverly said...

It does look like neopolitan ice cream huh? ehhh... I like it! Let's go... like NOW

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