Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rewards Rewards Rewards!

I want to start Educate Me Tuesday's by explaining something... you may wonder, ummm, working on a BIG dissertation, planning a wedding, working, AND NOW she wants to blog?! I know... I played this out tons of times in my mind. BUT here's the thing... the ONLY way I get through a day, a task, a check off my timeline is to reward myself. And what better way to reward myself than to stay in the here and now and blog away in this bloggy blog world!

I have a timeline breaking down tasks and deadlines. Every day, I make sure to do SOME kind of work towards my dissertation. It's important to keep it priority, even on days you don't feel like working on it! This is how school should be in life. If you dedicate yourself to further your education, it should come first in life no matter what is going on with work or how tired you are!

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SO, what keeps me pushing? Rewards! Yes, the ultimate reward is walking that stage with your degree in your hand! BUT in the mean time, to get through one day at a time, we must reward ourselves for those  small milestones. Finish reading a chapter? ... Reward yourself with some time on those infamous social networking sites! Complete a paper? ... Pinterest is calling your name! Finish your first defense for dissertation? ... START YOUR BLOG! What I'm trying to say is that you don't have to sacrifice your happiness in the present while you're working hard for the future! So do it... challenge yourself to reward yourself with the small things that count!

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Okay my friends... I challenge you to use the every day pleasures as rewards for gettin' err done! Let me know how it goes!

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