Sunday, January 29, 2012

LOL Sunday... Fam Reunion Style!

Love out Loud Sunday... YAYYYY!! So my family in So. Cal is planning for a family reunion this year, and we've been fundraising for some good fun times! We have another fundraiser coming up this upcoming Saturday, and since I'm far away from home *sigh*, I try to do whatever I can to help support the fundraisers.

Here's a flyer I worked on for the turnaround bus we are hosting to the Stateline on Feb. 4th. If you're home in Cali, and you need a day away from the hustle and bustle of reality, hit us up and be on your merry way to the Stateline for only a measly $40! I know right?!?! Only $40 to have the most awesome-est bus ride to Reno while playing games and winning prizes?! Only $40 that covers breakfast, lunch and a buffet meal at the casino?! Only $40 to get there on a nice cushioned seat sitting with some fine people from the Pa'ala family?! YES!!! I can't believe it myself!!

Have you guys fundraised for a family reunion? Have any tips? Suggestions? Comments? Please do share :)


systerrrr said...

Gotta luv the PA'ALA family gatherings...ALWAYS good and fun times w/ great company...u guys got this down!

systerrrr said...

Ps...Love the flyer...

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