Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ahhhh... Up and At It!

HELLLLLLLLO Americaaaaaa (and the rest of the world)!! It feels so good to get up and running. I've been thinking about creating a blog for almost a month now, which is so long for the impatient person I am! I'm working on the design of my blog, and still trying to get a feel for the gadgets and doo-dad's that are available, but in due time!

Anyhoots, thanks for joining me! la la Love, Learn, and Laugh blog is all about appreciating each moment for what it's worth and trying to get the best out of today! I've been so motivated to take a break from the hussle and bussle of graduate school and work, and just enjoy the moment. Making today count is on my top 5 for 2012!

On my Weekly Postings page, I have a line up of topics for each day of the week.... and there's no better way to start officially blogging other than with Pinterest!

Hope you stick around so we can enjoy this crazy thing called life together!


bloglovin said...

La la love to learn and laugh with you. Awesome blog in Im bloglovin it.

Gita's Purse said...

I La La Love it so far!!!

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