Friday, January 27, 2012

High Five for Friday!

TGIF!!!!! This day brings such sweet joy... starting with my favorite workout everrrrrrrrrr doing kickboxing with my fellow Bootcampers!

Linking up with Lauren with From My Grey Desk on this fantab Friday to highlight my five most favorite things from this past week!


And it goes a little something like this:

1.  I found THE cutest Steve Maddens ever for a steal of a deal at TJ Maxx!

2.  Thanks to some inspiration from Kate at The Small Things Blog, I went out to Costco to make the smartest purchase in that store.... a box (or two) of 35 hangers for $9.99!! Are you kidding me?!

(P.S. I'll post some before and after pics of my closet this weekend in the midst of it's makeover)

3.  It stopped raining long enough to take the doggies out to enjoy mother nature!

4.  I submitted my dissertation application for approval to use human participants in my study (I need their 'ok' to start collecting data)... which means it's almost time for your help in making the biggest difference in my life and closer to finishing! Stay tuned to do a good deed and take my 10-15 min survey.

5.  Mark and I purchased our tickets to Maui for the wedding! WAAHHOOOOO!!

I'm adding on one more thing I wanna share with you guys (guess it's high-six to Friday this week?)... the most adorable video all about love, and will leave your heart melting! Made me wanna squeeze my main squeeze! Happy Friday!


systerrrr said...

Luv ur Steve maddens.... Wooowaaaa Did u get mark a pair too? lol he'll b looking like a hobbit standing next to u in those might fine HIGH plats! j/k

Beverly said...

azannnnng a hobbit?! Harsh much? Mark doesn't need heels... he grew since the last you saw him... no coffee for him! LOL

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