Thursday, January 26, 2012

I pledge to PINTEREST....

Pins, pins, and more pins from Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays had me thinking a bit about my addiction to Pinterest! I love love love to pin away.... at home, at work (on break of course)... from my iphone... LOVE it! And as a results, I have over a gazillion pins that keep extending... probably like most of my fellow pinners!

SO I wanna take this pinning relationship a step further. I would like to pledge to take the time at least once a week to reflect back on my multiple boards and make these inspirations a reality!

I pledge to DO the DIY projects:

Pinned Here

I pledge to beau-TEE-fy myself by following a nail or hair tutorial:

Pinned Here

I pledge to use my wearables to influence or inspire a new look (based off what's in my closet):

Pinned Here

I pledge to love my life to the fullest!

Pinned Here

So whaddya' think my fellow blogger? Want to join the pledge? :)


systerrrr said...

HI my name is clara and I'm a PINTEREST-HOLIC I've been sober for never... Look what u've done to me...oh BTW Nadia and Fran r addicts and Fran is now doing a DIY garage racks....! lol

Beverly said...

Pinning is WINning :) Glad they joined society of Pinners! I see Nadia gettin' down with projects for the keeds!

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