Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wedding Planning Update

MARRY Saturday folks!! It's been a while since I last caught you all up with my wedding planning, but that's because things have been chaotic in life, and surprisingly smooth sailing (for now) with the planning process. Here are some updates!

:: one ::
Last time we met for Marry Saturday, I was talking about wedding dress options! Welp since then, I've narrowed it down from two dresses to THE one! So happy and I'm thrilled to show you all when I wear it in 81 days!

:: two ::
Mark also got fitted for his suit, and I la la LOVE it!! It's perfect for Maui, and for him!! 

:: three ::
We got the bridesmaids dresses ordered. Since my lovely ladies are spread out in Cali and Washington, we had to go the smartest route and order online! So that we did, and are now awaiting for them to come in the mail to see if any tailoring needs to be done. Although I haven't decided on shoes yet... I'm debating between wedges or open toed bedazzled flats. 

:: four ::
We also chose the groomsmen attire too! Since most of them are in Arizona (with one exception living here in Oregon), they will be going to the closest Men's Wearhouse to get fitted for their pants! AND they're having a deal right now... buy one get one free!! HOLLA!

:: five ::
As you read yesterday, we finally got our invites out in the mail!

:: six ::
My lovely (almost) mother in law and BFF (almost sister in law) are working on our party favors, and they are dahhhling!! Here's a sneak peak of some of the ingredients to create this masterpiece favor!

:: seven ::
Two of my nearest and dearest aunties, Aunty One and Aunty June, recently made a weekend trip out to Maui to scope out the scene. By surprise, they were met up by my other super duper close cousin, Richard and his wifee Rho Rho, who stayed for a few days too!! They drove around Maui together to check out vendors! They even got to scope out the house that the wedding will be at! They were able to bring back plenty of information as to who to talk to and where to order from! I'm SO thankful they were able to go out there to see the location and peep out the scene... AND I'm super happy they went to get away from reality (they're honestly two of the most hardest working women I know and will do anything for our family!).

Aunty One

Aunty June
Sooooo, what we're in the process of finalizing is:
  • The DJ (or band)
  • Wedding Cake
  • Florist and arrangements needed
  • Shoes for the BM's and GM's
  • Last but not least, so Etsy ordering will be done!

We've got plenty prospects... it's just a matter of choosing things we like, and of course can afford in our budget, especially since we didn't hit the Mega Millions last night!

Til the next update... Marry Saturday my peeps!


Kara said...

can't wait to see pics of the actual day! so excited for you! I'm sure it will be "lalalove-ly!" :)

Emily said...

Wedding planning is so exciting :) Your big day will be here before ya know it!

Lexi said...

Wow, you've gotten major things done! Once we had the attire all chosen, I felt a huge sigh of relief! Invitations going out definitely get the ball rolling as well!
♡ Lexi
FASHION: Glitter & Pearls
WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

his little Lady said...

oh gosh, the day is SOOOO close!! so very excited for you!
xo TJ

Beverly said...

Thank you love :) Nerve wrecking, stressful, and exciting all at once... and some!!

Beverly said...

It IS exciting... until you see your actual numbers for the budget :/ WOMP! LOL.. it's going smooth sailing (knock on wood!!).

Beverly said...

I would like to think that these are "major things"... hopefully the chaos doesn't begin when we get to Maui!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Beverly said...

Thanks girlfrannnd!!!

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