Friday, March 23, 2012

High Five For Friday

Dear Friday, I MISSED YOU!! This week was super exhausting... staying up late nights, waking up at the crack of dawn to work out before going to work, and pounding the pavement trying to collect as much data as I possibly could for my dissertation.

Just so happy I can take a deep breath of fresh FRIDAY air!!!

Linking up with Lauren once again at From My Grey Desk, let's shine a light of on the five most fave things from this past week!

:: one ::
We got the most snow we've had in the past year in ONE day! It snowed a blizzard, and didn't stop all day long... but the day after was bliss!

:: two ::
I finally went out and grabbed some of the infamous Baby Lips, and I la la LOVE it (Pink Punch is my FAVE)!!

:: three ::
We finally finished printing our wedding invitations, and all we need to do is assemble and address em... and OFF they go!

:: four ::
I did my first sponsor spotlight with Kara at Styled With Life! It was a blast in a glass to have my first guest over and sponsor swap it up! ;)

:: five ::
Today (after work) marks the first day of Spring Break! It'd be nice to be have some sunshine and a beach...Nevertheless, I can catch up with school and life without having to go int he office!!

What are you boasting over from this past week? Link up with From My Grey Desk!



Anonymous said...

Love this link-up. Happy Friday!

Keep Shining,

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Sounds like a good week, giiiirl!

I really need to see snow.
Never have I ever!

And isn't Baby Lips the best?!
Pink punch is my faaaav :)

Yay for progress on the wedding invites...exciting!

Happy weekend & SPRING BREAK for you :)

Molly said...

I am obsessed with baby lips. I have the blue one and LOVE it. I think winter may be over for upstate NY. It is 75 degrees and sunny.

Beverly said...

OMG the funniest thing happened to me using the pink punch.. I had NO idea it was pink colored balm... I thought it was just pink, but clear balm... so I kept applying it alll day long, not peeping in the mirror while at work, and BOOM! My fiance comes by and says, I love your pink lipstick!! I'm like... um.... scuse me?! I don't have lipstick on!! I have lip balm on... I couldn't stop DYING laughing when I checked it out b/c I was applying that stuff on allllllllll day like chapstick, and instead my lips stayed bright PINK!! LOL

Beverly said...

I am SUPER envious over your heat.. that's like a scorching hot day compared to Oregon weather... this is when I miss southern cali the most :/

Beverly said...

Happy friday to YOU sweet girl!!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Yay for wedding invites!! Yay of Spring break!!
Enjoy it!!

That Girl said...

omg baby lips is THE BEST! i never use anything else besides the pink punch now and i used to have a ton of chap sticks/lip glosses in my purse! it has the perfect pink!

The Sweet Life said...

Blizzard....I can't even imagine that right now. It's basically summer here in Alabama.

I am so jealous that your Spring Break starts today...I can't believe mine is quickly coming to an end. It went so fast.
Countdown to summer time!!

I love Baby Lips, but I def need to purchase a new one. I have peach kiss and LOVE it!
Have a lovely weekend friend!

Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

this is the third blog in a row i've visited mentioning baby lips. guess i need to get some :)

Kara said...

i just got baby lips this week too and I'm hooked! I love the color and the way it smells! Happy weekend lady!

Beverly said...

I am so JAY of your summer weather. It's STILL cloudy, with peeks (very tiny peeks) of the sun!

Peach kiss baby lips? MUST try that flavor.. so far the pink punch is to die for!!

Happy Monday girlie

Beverly said...

YES!! Go try them out... you won't be disappointed :)

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