Monday, March 26, 2012

Mani Monday

Happy Monday Funday!! I've been MIA this weekend on here, only because I really had to buckle down with some school, work and wedding tasks! But it feels oh so good to be back in action on this fine Monday morning!! 

Thought I would take an approach from TBD (a site I visit daily!), and have a Mani Monday! The simplest thing to change up your outfit and accessorize are your nails! You don't need to do much shopping for painting your nails, as long as you've started a collection of a few bottles of polish at home!

Here are some of my fave manicures yet to date!!

Good ol' sparkle on the ring finger

 Gotta love my bows

Very tribal and very cute

Simplest and cutest POP to add to a mani are dots

Love the sparkly french tip

Mock of the polka dotted shirt

Another cute polka dot look

Who says those circle stickers to patch up holes were ever a waste?
Have any designs you want to share that you've tried? How about any tips for inpatient people like myself who have a hard time waiting for polish to full dry??

Happy Mani Monday!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Seeing super awesome manis like this makes me so jealous!
I barely have the patience to paint my nails a solid color, let alone do all of this crazy stuff!

When I wanna get fancy...I do a sparkle finger ;) lol

I think the bow ones are my favorite :)

Happy Monday, girrrrl!\xo

That Girl said...

i love a statement nail! i love doing the one glitter ring finger or right now all my nails are nude except for the ring finger which is robin's egg! it's so fun and you don't have to be super precise/patient like the other manis.

also, i'm bad at being patient but i try to do my nails at the beginning of a long tv show or movie so i'm entertained. but a neat trick is to spray your nails with pam after they've dried for a few minutes because then they wont be sticky. this way if i reach for a blanket loose fibers don't get caught in my nails. they just glide over!

The Sweet Life said...

Oh myyyy goshhh!!! Those bows are amazingggg and way out of my skill level!!! Haha!!!

Love the whole mani monday idea....I just might have to paint my nails later. :).

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

I see you are also a fan of the Beauty Department!! Love them all!!!
Happy Monday!

Momma B said...

I love these!! How fun!

I tagged you in a post, check it out!

his little Lady said...

ummm, need to get some silver sparkly nail polish IMMEDIATELY!!! love that first look so much! and the valentine's day inspired one is pretty perfect too ;)
xo TJ

Beverly said...

I hear ya goorl!! Fancy for me is the different color ring finger.... when I get patience, I can dig the polka dots!!

Happy monday!!

Beverly said...

Pam?!?! really?? what a GREAT idea... never heard of it, but I'm welcoming all ideas that can help a sista' out!!

and you are absolutely right... doing it during a tv show can slow my movement down for sure!! looks like maybe I'll try NOW while watching The Voice :)

Beverly said...

Mani Monday YESSS!! Gotta check out The Beauty Department's Mani Mondays!! Too adorbs!

Beverly said...

You are TOO cute!! Love this idea of Q&A!!!! Thanks girlie!!

Beverly said...

I sho am!!!! Love TBD and! All day every day!!

Happy Monday love!

MeehSheen said...

Is the first pic your nails? These are so cute!

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