Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love out Loud Sunday!!

Happy Love out Loud Sunday!! I feel bad for not posting yesterday, but I've been so out of the normal routine this past week... getting better from feeling under the weather takes almost an entire year to do!! Sheesh! Anyhoots, I'm back in action this morning, and feeling just dandy!

I want to celebrate this LOL Sunday, and share some sweet memories I have with our Papa (the fiance's grandfather on his mom's side). Papa lives in Western Samoa right now, he's 92 years old, and still has that swagg! We went back to Samoa last year in June for a family reunion, and what a blessing it was to have been there with him... all of his grandkids in the same house as him... you can SOOO tell his heart was filled with joy!

When they say age ain't nothin' but a number, best believe that is applied to this young man. Being 92 doesn't mean he lost any cool points, it doesn't mean he can't understand what you're saying (trust me... he clearly understands everything), and it surely doesn't mean he can't enjoy himself a nice cold Vailima (Samoa's finest beer)!

Papa has been sick this past week, and I thought today is THE day to share with you all what an awesome man this fellow is. Keeping positive thoughts, prayers, and energy around will make the world of a difference in his recovery. So cheers to Papa Leota! We love you and are wishing you nothing but the best, and we hope you feel better soon!!

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