Monday, March 12, 2012

Wine no more.... a DIY on a Monday FUNday

Happy Monday FUNday! Hope your weekend was pure bliss! I know many of us may be dragging our feet, not only because it's Monday, but because we lost an hour over the weekend thanks to Daylight Savings. BUT... I must say it is glorious to work out outside while the sunlight is out... it is glorious to come home from work out at 6:30am when it's light out... and it is glorious to come home from work, rest, catch up, then walk the dogs and it's still light out! Spring forward and be GLORIOUS ;)

In light of Monday Funday, I had the chance this weekend to do a bit of arts and craft with my boo! First thing's first, and he finally had a moment to cover the dining table chairs! We bought some black burlap from Joann's Fabric, which was less than $5! Here's a before and after:



So proud of Mr. Martha Stewart. He's getting SOOO into making our apartment nice and fancy (well for us it's fancy)! 

While my fiance was busy working on seat covers, I was getting jiggy with it with some fancy wine coasters I saw here on the lovely Lauren Conrad's website! It was a blast and super simple... a must try!

What you will need:
A bunch of wine (not a difficult task)

Glue Gun

2 easy peasy steps:
:: one ::
Glue two corks together as such, and keep them in a group of 4 sets
Step 1
:: two ::
Glue each of the four sets together and hold them as the glue dries (it dries fairly quick)
Step 2

Hope you can get to drinking plenty wine and gluing to make these ooberly cute coasters! They make great home decor, or superb gifts once you wrap them in pretty ribbon!

Enjoy on this Monday FUNday!


Michelle P said...

Love it all! Great ideas.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

WHAT! Those coasters are so cool!
I've been saving wine corks for awhile not knowing what to do with them...UM HELLO!

I'm might just have to give this a shot ;)

happy monday, giiiirl!

Molly said...

Those chairs are gorgeous. You did a great job! I love small DIY's that make such a big difference.

The Sweet Life said...

I'm loving the coasters!!!!! And I just so happen to have some wine corks laying around...maybe I should make me some!!! Thanks for sharing! Happy happy Monday! Xoxo

Leigh Anne said...

I finally found your blog!!!
1. it is so cute-- the blog design,you ... everything!!
2. You are soooo crafty!!!
3. So happy i found your blog and can read it all the time now (:

Happy happy Monday!
Leigh Anne

Beverly said...

Yayyy so glad you finally found my hood! LOL. Thanks for the kudos gooorl! I soberly appreciate em ;)

Happy Monday FUNday (or what's left of it!).

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