Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just Some Pinning Up In Hea!

Happy hump day Wednesday pretties :) Middle of the week, and time is flying on this gloomy spring break week. Catch up time flies more than I thought it would which is scurry! Looks like I need to make a list of what to accomplish each day... otherwise, I'm scattered all over the place!

Nothing is scattered about today though... ecstatic for oh, how pinteresting wednesday! Linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple, let's start our top ten already!

:: one ::
adore the simplicity of this
Pinned here

:: two ::
gotsta' try this DIY... like adding it to the 'to do' list for this week!
Add here

:: three ::
these heels are gorg, and I wanna twirl in this skirt! 
Pinned here

:: four ::
love her blog (Selective Potential), love her outfits, and love her!
Pinned here

 :: five ::
ahhh the small of the ocean.. just 84 more days!
Pinned here

:: six ::
bangles... love these colors and shapes
Pinned here

:: seven ::
DIY crepe flowers... another craft I must attack
Pinned here

:: eight ::
dear summer, i miss you and you need to surprise me already
Pinned here

:: nine ::
I'd kill to have a magic button in life
Pinned here

:: ten ::
Pinned here

BTW, if you haven't heard, my bestie, LC is on Pinterest!! Read about it here, and follow her here :)

Don't forget to link up on this fine pinning Wednesday with The Vintage Apple!


Annie said...

Loving these pins - too cute! I kind of want to go swimming near a waterfall now :)

The Other Side of Gray

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

#5 & #8...REALLLLLY make me wish that school was OVAAA.
I'm ready to bask in the sunshine and not under the florescent lights in the classroom...whomp whomp!


Happy Wednesday, girl :)

Leah said...

I absolutely love your blog design! Cute pins too!

ashlyn williams said...

that first pin def has the perfect amount of simplicity! love it.

happy wednesday!

Kelly said...

great pins. I really love the warm ocean water one...gosh I want to jump in right now....

JONG said...

Love your blog! I am now following you. I hope you do the same back. Thanks! =D

Megan said...

If I could have a machine that I could press & would give me champagne or wine or any beverage for that matter like what you pinned I would be in Heaven!!!

The Sweet Life said...

Ahhh loving these pins....between your beach pins and my BFF texting me today to come visit him in Florida, it's safe to say that I'm having ocean withdrawals...I either need meds or a weekend full of sun, sand, and swimming!!!!!

I love that

Beverly said...

right?! and I kinda want a waterfall in my backyard!! livin' the dream right there!

Beverly said...

I'm with ya girlie!! One side of me wants summer to be here like yesterday, but another part of me is scurred of losing time :/

nevertheless, SUN makes it way more FUN!

Beverly said...

you are too sweet :) thanks for stopping by and a happy wednesday to you!

Beverly said...

and I would be right alongside of you!!!!

Beverly said...

i need meds AND sun!! until i get the sun, I'll keep taking the meds to keep me sane ;) lol

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

wow! Those DIY flowers are amazing! I wanna make some!!!

Hope you're having a great week!


Hena Tayeb said...

the papers flowers are amazing.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Love the palm trees!

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