Saturday, March 10, 2012

Marry Saturday!

And a happy weekend has begun already.... what weekend isn't a happy one?!

Thought I'd share my first day of wedding dress shopping on this Marry Saturday with you fine folks! Since I am an expert and all... having only tried on 3 dresses in the first go-round!! ;)

I thought being open minded to dresses/styles may have an advantage.... WRONG!! Since I was so open-minded about the style (except the fact it had to be strapless), I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I had only tried on three dresses in the two hours I was at the bridal store, and I like all three of them! Can you imagine going beyond the three that I had already tried on in one day? Spending more time on more dresses I was possibly going to fall in love with?! Wayyy overwhelming... and it was already overwhelming enough that I loved all the dresses thus far!

So it came down to two.... I counted one dress out because I was absolutely in love with the top half, and not so much the bottom! The two that it came down to are COMPLETELY opposite... like the biggest case of dress bipolar in existence!! One simple dress with a pop of glamour... especially from the veil, and the other dress covered in lace... something I did NOT anticipate trying or liking! But I did fall in love.... especially the longer I had the dress on.

Two dresses... one wedding... one budget that will NOT permit me to buy two dresses! LOL. I'm going to take the weekend to think about it, but I do have to say... I am slightly thinking about one dress more than the other :) Can't wait to show you all pictures of the wedding day (in 102 days to be exact) and show off this blissful dress I will soon choose!

Until then, here are some of the gowns that have been store away in my faves... none of them are included in the three that I tried on, but I did pull ideas from these dresses to give me an idea of what I wanted vs. didn't want!

My all time FAVORITE... oooberly love the dramatic back!

Simple and very soft

I adore the back (once again)!

Love the shape of this dress

Soft ruffles... adorbs!

Decisions... decisions... decisioins.... one that is THE one of a lifetime and soooo exciting (but hard) to make!

Happy Saturday my lovely peeps!


Molly said...

I know dress shopping can feel like such an overwhelming experience. I did exactly what you are doing. I tried on a bunch of dresses and then went home for a few days to think about it. I ended up thinking about one particular dress much more than the others.

The Sweet Life said...

la la LOVING all of these dresses....Seems as though we have similar taste in wedding dresses. How exciting to start looking for the perfect dress. Can't wait to see what you find. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Beverly said...

I most certainly agree... I think we do have similar tastes after seeing your style on your blog... great minds think alike ;)

OMG.. I cannot wait to show it off! It won't be until the wedding day, but what's 100 days of waiting?! EEEEEEKKKKKKKK can't believe it's that close!!!

Happy Sunday girlie!

Beverly said...

You are sooo right... I am sooo thinking of one dress more, and I know that it's THE one... I'm calling it in tomorrow! YAYYY

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