Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Gooooorls!

Happy Sunday America! Hope the weekend has been treating you just peachy ;)

I wanted to take this time on Love Out Loud Sunday to share the love I have for my beautiful bridesmaids. These are eight girls I hold a special place in my heart, who have been there for me through thick and thin at all points of my life.

So grab a cup of coffee to wake yourself up from the loss of the hour on this Daylight Savings weekend, and enjoy the view!

My lovely cousin Jenni

Beautiful SIL/BFF Clara

Adorbs cousin and new MAMA Lisa

Lovely cousin Maylene

My younger sister Honestine

PIzzazzi Cousin Nadine

Gorg and wise cousin Doris 

Bestie of all mankind Celina
Love these gooorls ooberly... and glad to say this is only a small fraction of the lovely women that make me who I am! I have so many more women to honor in life, and the list keeps growing and growing. I must say I am SO blessed!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

You have a TON of cousins lol!
Which means....lots of loveeee...always a good thing :)

You're beautiful!
Hope your weekend was so so great!


The Sweet Life said...

What lovely ladies you have to be there for you on your lucky day!!!

Liz with the Lovely Life said...

Aren't girlfriends the greatest! You are so blessed!! Have a great Sunday!!

Beverly said...

Yes goooorl... my mom is 1 of 17... so can you imagine if there were 36 grandchildren when my grandma passed (over 20 years ago)... how many there are of us now!?! I'm so not willing to count, but we pretty much have a city of family ;)

Beverly said...

Thank you girlie!

Beverly said...

I am ooberly blessed... love my gal pals (which is mostly my family) but LOVE em ;)

Happy Monday girlie

Alex Inc said...

What's a gooooorl?

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