Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keep in Touch!!

Happy Tuesday! And NO... I'm not going anywhere, although my title may seem that way (how can I leave the bloggy blog world now that I just gotta new blog-over?!)

In the midst of all the chaos my dissertation is bringing me, I am so thankful!! For what?... for the relationships I have established over the years of my life. Whether it be from family, friends, school, work, blogging, wherever!!!

As a graduate student, I've been told over and over again that my cohort was going to be by far the most important group of people to keep in contact with. Of the many times I've been told that, I remember the first time crystal clear! I was sitting in Organizational Theory in my first year of grad school, and my professor told us all to look around the room closely.... for these are the most important network you will need from here on out. I thought to myself, "of course they are... we'll be going through THE hardest papers, exams, and projects together!"

But I realize what my professor meant when she stated that. That cohort went through every step of the process alongside me... from start to finish (well almost finish for me). Nobody can ever know the hardships of grad school like my cohort does. For that reason, I am beyond grateful to have built those friendships while in school. They have helped me get through the hardships of coursework... and are still helping me today through my data collection process for dissertation.

My point? Cherish your network of people. Keep in touch with your former co-workers, especially if you share a few lunch breaks together, and possibly more! Call one of your cohorts you went to school with and ask how they're enjoying their new job. Catch up with a long lost high school friend by simply sending a quick email or Facebook message. The littlest things count... when I hear from someone who I haven't heard in forever, I am ecstatic!

Those people that have helped pave the way to where you are today should never be forgotten!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Ahh! I'll be starting grad school in either August or January :)
I'm scared/excited!

And CAN I JUST SAY that your new blog design is looking mighty cute!


Simone said...

What a cute blog design! With you new look but also your great posts I thought i would award you with not one but 2 awards! Stop by and check it out! http://busyasahoneybee.blogspot.com/2012/03/just-couple-awards.html


Gita's Purse said...

Boppy! I am grateful to have met you in grad school! U r definitely a shining star, a great friend (like family), an inspiration to me and a kick ass Blogger! I lala love you sweetcheeks! So many great memories and so many good times to look fwd to :)

Beverly said...

You are a DOLLLLL!!!

Beverly said...

omg... what another great journey you'll be beginning soon!! Be more excited vs. scurrrred ;)

Thanks girlie on the snaps for the blog design... you are so right in saying that Allison is SUPERB!!

Beverly said...

Love to laugh about school when I think back to US!!! Wouldn't trade you guys in for the world!

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